Why The English Clubs Like Manchester United, Arsenal, And Others Struggle In Europe?

  1. The Tough Nature Of Premier League-


We all know what quality the players face in their every game of the league. Why is English League considered as the toughest in the world? It’s the sheer quality that players face in their every fixture.

Premier League is full of surprises and every game needs 100% of player’s physical and mental fitness. Taking examples of the Leagues of Spain, Germany or France- only 2-3 teams compete for the title, rest lies far behind them. La Liga- 15 points of a gap between the 3rd and the 4th (currently). Bundesliga- a gap of 20 points between 2nd and the 3rd. French League- PSG already y won the league.

Well, looking at premier league’s table, Leicester have the edge in the title race but,  4 clubs are fighting for the 4th spot and 3 are battling for the second spot.

When Liverpool won the Champions League in 2004/05, they finished fifth in the Premier League; when Chelsea won the competition in 2011/12, they finished sixth.

The challenge in the premier league is tough and you never know which team amazes you at times. Even the teams like Southampton, Watford and Stoke City can give you a run for the money.

Overall, it takes a lot more effort for a player to be consistent in every game they play. And also, not to forget injuries, being an aggressive league, players get injured more often and the club has to suffer a lot for that.

Also, they have to face 4 competitions in one season namely- FA Cup, Capital One Cup, Premier League itself and Champions League. Congested fixtures is another reason why English clubs struggle to dominate European tournaments.

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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