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Why The English Clubs Like Manchester United, Arsenal, And Others Struggle In Europe?

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Manchester United celebrating their UEFA Champions League win

It was not so long ago, in 2009 when English league was at its peak. England had 3 representatives in the Champions League semi-finals namely, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United and eventually the Devils ended up in lifting the trophy. We all are aware of the fact that English League produces some of the best players out there and not only the big names but, the teams like Leicester, West Ham, Southampton, Tottenham are producing some good number of talented stars.

But, 2008-09 season had something different in it, They had Ronaldo, Terry, Fabregas (Arsenal), Lampard, Torres, Gerrard, Drogba and other world class players in the nominations and 4 of them ended in Team of the Year. But, the current scenario is very much clear as hardly 2-3 players from the premier league manage to get into the nominations list.

Coming to the point, we have witnessed a great performance from Manchester City and Liverpool this season in Europe where both the teams have managed to qualify for the Semi-Finals of Champions League and Europa League respectively. But, what before that? It was the 2011-12 season where Chelsea were crowned as the Winner of the Champions League and just the following season they lifted the Europa League title.

After that, none of the premier league sides were able to make it past the round of 16. There were times when the clubs around the globe feared Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. But, what could be the reason for this dramatic fall?


  1. The Attraction of Big Guns of Spain and Germany-


We saw how Ronaldo performed in his last Champions League game for Manchester United against Chelsea, gave his side a lead through a towering header but, just after his triumph he departed to Real Madrid and just after that, many stars like Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, and Luis Suarez left the premier league to join the La Liga clubs.

Neymar rejected the offers from Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United but he opted to play for Barcelona; Money wasn’t the biggest barrier in the transfer, the jubilance of Barcelona was. Even Lewandowski was offered huge money from the clubs of England after he thrashed Real Madrid in 2013 but, he chose Bayern Munich instead. No English team has achieved what Barcelona have in their last 10 years- Won treble twice, Champions League titles and what not.

Even in the current pages, we see Mahrez, Vardy, Kane and many players who will have some great offers from the clubs of Spain or Germany in coming transfer window. And recently, Aguero announced that he will be leaving as his contract expires with the club.

That is one of the many reasons that why English league fail so often in the Champions League.