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Dream Liverpool Lineup For 2017/18 Season Featuring New Signing Mohamad Salah On The Wings

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How Liverpool Would Lineup With Mohamed Salah In The Team

Liverpool are on the verge of announcing their second signing of the summer with Mohamed Salah expected to complete a move worth £39million to Anfield. The Egyptian international winger is a long awaited transfer for the Reds considering that the saga has been going on for a long time now. When compared to some other players in the current market, Salah’s £39million valuation is an absolute steal for the Reds.

Mohamed Salah could well turn out to be one of the best signings of the summer, having enjoyed a tremendous spell at AS Roma. Stats wise, Salah is amongst the best in Europe when it comes to creating chances along with goals and assists. The Egyptian will bring unpredictability and variety to the already established Reds attack and reduce the overdependence that the team has on Sadio Mane.

As Liverpool prepare for their quest for the Premier League and Champions League next season, let’s take a look at how Mohamed Salah would fit into the Reds lineup.

Salah on Right Wing

In one way, Mohamed Salah could be the missing link in Klopp’s team as he adds strength, speed, counter press and a whole lot of tireless effort. With his speed and appetite for goals, Salah could single handily win games for Liverpool. Salah playing on the right wing would see Philippe Coutinho moving into midfield where he is more productive as we saw towards the end of last season.

The Brazilian can have a better influence on the game and create more chances, with Salah and Mane on either side. Although Mane took up the right wing position last season where he was extremely effective, a move to the left could boost creativity in the side. Since Salah’s preferred foot is the left, it would make a lot more sense for him to function the right wing with Mane taking up the left side, helping Firmino make his deadly runs in between them.

Mohamed Salah

Salah on the Left Wing

Thanks to the versatility of Mane, Salah and Firmino, the trio can cause a lot of damage to the opposition with their constant switching and interchangeability. It will become a nightmare for defenders to mark them, thus granting the Reds more unpredictability to their attack.

Salah could also switch to the centre-forward position as he has done for AS Roma and is also capable of finding the net as he has done several times for them in the past.

All in all, Liverpool have found themselves a gem of a player for a surprisingly low price. Salah’s pace alone can create havoc for the opposition on the counter. The Egyptian could potentially make Liverpool one of the deadliest attacks in Europe going forward.