Should Diego Costa be Punished for his Actions Against Arsenal?

After the storm that engulfed the Premier League world regarding Diego Costa and his antics against the Arsenal centre-backs, now is the time to make a bit of headway in this situation and think about it calmly. This is in no way defending the actions of the Spanish international as many former players have criticised the behaviour of the Chelsea striker but a few have defended him, stating that this is the kind of game that Costa plays and he cannot change it overnight.

If you do spend some time on YouTube and go through various clippings of Costa, most of them would be focused on the former Atletico Madrid striker being a nuisance to defenders in La Liga. Everyone does know the great history that Costa had with cross-town rivals Real Madrid, in particular, Sergio Ramos and that edge to the game has followed the striker into England as well.

Diego Costa is a street footballer and that should not be forgotten, despite his deplorable acts against Koscielny. Clawing and slapping the face of the Arsenal defender should have gotten him sent off but something that got others even more upset was how he whined to get Gabriel sent off when the Arsenal defender did have a little kick on him in front of the ref.

Diego Costa Gabriel Paulista
Diego Costa Gabriel Paulista

A hard man like Costa should not have whined about this incident and gotten on with the game, after all he was doing much worse to the opponents and realistically not have been on the pitch. Gabriel would be serving a three-match ban, although Arsenal might ask for the FA to review that decision but what about Costa? Should he be let off?

A tough player who crosses the line way too often

Arsene Wenger was visibly upset after the game and stated that Costa will not change and he will continue playing the same way next time around unless some measures are taken. Many pundits also came up with the view that Costa did not want to score against Arsenal, he just wanted to fight but he did cry about the Gabriel incident.

Costa should be reprimanded, similar to Luis Suarez but the Liverpool striker’s actions were more heinous, but that should not distract from the genius that he was for the Reds. Costa though doesn’t have the same quality in front of goal but when he does play to his potential, he can be deadly, similar to what we saw at the start of last season.

Diego Costa
Diego Costa

The fact that Costa constantly pushes the boundaries when playing football is not good for him or Chelsea. Sooner or later, he will be sent off by the referee but the FA need to step up and take care of issues like this. Football has evolved a lot over the years but the decision making of the governing body has to change, the need to review these issues needs to be done regularly and not be dependent on the referee seeing the incident or not.

Costa was extremely lucky to stay on the pitch in the last game but that will not change the way he plays, after all, you can’t change the nature and behaviour of the person overnight, especially someone who wants to fight all the time.

Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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