Didier Drogba And The Million-Dollar lawsuit Against Him

The Ivory Coast International and Galatasaray striker Didier Drogba faces a court fine whose number exceeds six digits.

Didier Drogba’s career has had many highlights, the biggest amongst that was his Champions League with Chelsea in 2012, but this time his opponent will not look to win the ball, instead demands €394,000 (4.7m) as outstanding payment as the striker has failed to pay the balance of a building project that was started by him. In addition to the demands, the owner of the construction company Leonard Simoni wants €660,000 (7.9m) in compensation.

Acqua Nova, the company Drogba got into business with has turned to the French authorities to sue the footballer as he failed make the full payment.

The story began when the striker decided to build a new house in his native Ivory Coast and in order to enjoy uninterrupted supply of water, Drogba hired Acqua Nova which installed the entire water treatment system. The total installation cost was about one million and $200,000, of which $800,000 was disbursed by Drogba at first.

The difficulties came when the remainder of the amount was kept pending for months and the representatives of the player never bothered to explain the situation. The company least expecting such a situation with one of the wealthiest African players, initiated the legal process. The process will continue until next June and it is expected that the penalty could reach the seizure of at least two months of his salary, which currently stands at $ 700,000 per month.

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