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Description of New version CCNA Examination Content 

*Examination question type

3 routing simulation questions

A Few connecting questions

Mostly single choice questions, multiple choice questions and other types of questions

*Examination content

Planning&designing, implementation&operation, troubleshooting and technology.

1. Network design planning

Plan IP addressing scheme and analyze design requirements.

Select appropriate routing protocols based on users’ requirements.

Build a simple access network with Cisco network technology.

Configure appropriate access control lists based on user requirements.

Select appropriate WAN services based on users’ requirements.

2. Network construction

Configure appropriate routing protocols according to users’ requirements.

Configure the IP address, sub-net mask and gateway address on the router and host.

Configure the management functions attached to the router.

Configure VLAN and inter switch communication on the switch.

Operate and realize LAN.

Configure switches in a specific network environment.

Manage operating system and device configuration files.

Perform router initialization configuration.

Perform exchange initialization configuration.

Implement access control list.

Implement simple WAN protocols.

3. Network fault handling

Using OSI 7-layer model knowledge to solve network failure problems.

Complete troubleshooting of LAN and virtual LAN.

Solve routing protocol problems.

Solve the IP address and main configuration problems.

Solve the equipment failure problem of the operating network.

Troubleshoot failures caused by access control lists.

Perform simple WAN troubleshooting.

4. Key points of network technology

Describe network communication with OSI hierarchical model.

Describe the process of spanning tree protocol.

Compare and contrast the main characteristics of local area network environment.

Evaluate routing protocol characteristics.

Evaluate TCP/IP protocol communication processing and related protocol groups.

Describe the characteristics of network device components.

Evaluate TCP/IP protocol communication processing and related protocol groups.

Evaluate network device component characteristics.

Evaluate packet processing rules.

Evaluate key WAN characteristics.

Candidates can not avoid doing a lot of questions when they are studying Cisco CCNA. However, it is necessary to pursue the efficiency of CCNA exercises. If you just do a lot of questions and don’t know the importance of the question bank, it is easy to lose important knowledge points in the question bank. Exercise is an important part of the review process.

Only through practice can we further consolidate and deepen the knowledge learned, otherwise, the quality of reviewing CCNA will be affected. In class, most of the students can understand, but when they actually practice and do exercises, they find that listening to the teachers is one thing, and doing the questions correctly is another. Many students understand but do not do the questions correctly. The essence of this problem is that they didn’t do enough questions.

When it comes to practice, we can’t avoid the question sea tactics, but we can’t leave it alone. Doing CCNA exercises is not a waste of time. There are many advantages to doing CCNA exercises. For example, doing exercises can check the effect of our learning. In the process of learning, how much knowledge we have mastered, and the defects and deficiencies are mostly checked in the exercises. Therefore, doing exercises can more accurately check the effect of our learning, and is the most practical reference to test our understanding of knowledge. And by doing exercises, we can deepen our understanding of knowledge.