DEAL DONE! 20 Million Star’s Move To Liverpool Is A Done Deal

Malaga midfielder Ignacio Camacho has been linked with Liverpool for some time now and according to, the player’s move to the Merseyside is a done deal.While Jurgen Klopp’s side is looking to add new players in their squad, adding a midfielder is in the list for the transformation in the club.

However, reports suggest that Malaga have no intention of selling the player until a release clause of 20m Euros that is 15.7m Pounds is met. Further Camacho is 45% owned by an investment company which makes the deal even more complicated if not thought over well and an easy transfer is sought after.

Further Malaga are planning to buy that 45% from the company in future. The ownership was sold to the Investment Company by the player’s previous club with his knowledge. This makes a move for the player even messier as Liverpool will have to not only meet the release clause they will also have to share the player with Malaga as they will have 45% of ownership on the player.

Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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