David Dein: Arsenal Fans Have Short Memories

Former Arsenal vice-chairman and the man who brought Arsene Wenger to North London back in 1996 David Dein has had it enough with Arsenal fans who are constantly on the back of Arsene Wenger and has blasted Arsenal fans that they have short memories and they forgot what Wenger has done to Arsenal football club.

David Dein: People underestimate Wenger
David Dein: People underestimate Wenger

Talking about the situation in an interview with Mirror, he said:

“It’s the old story – people (fans) have got short memories. They seem to forget what he has achieved for the club.”

“People underestimate Arsene Wenger, because he’s done a phenomenal job there.”

“He’s transformed the club, off the pitch with the training ground and the stadium, and on it with the way Arsenal have played and being in the Champions League every year. That’s not an easy task.”

“Arsene has made average players into good players and good players into world-class players and he’s done a phenomenal job for the club. Let’s hope he can keep going.”

“It’s about getting the right talent.”

“Clearly as we’ve seen this season, Arsene knows where he needs to improve the squad and I’m sure he will – if he gets the opportunity or if the talent it there. It’s not easy to find.”

A vast majority of Arsenal fans are still hoping to see the partnership of David Dein and Arsene Wenger that led them to success for almost a decade.

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