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Cristiano Ronaldo might be a legend but Real Madrid have done well to sell him for £99.2m

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Why Real Madrid have done the right thing by letting Ronaldo go

According to reports, Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Juventus in a deal worth £99.2m.

Doubts about Ronaldo’s future in Madrid started in earnest, immediately following the team’s victory in the Champions League final. In post-game interviews right after the final, the Portuguese was coy about whether or not he would continue with the club.

Well, that sort of thing has practically happened every year with Ronaldo’s public shillyshallying over his future. It always felt like he was whining for an improved contract from Real. His latest shot of discontent after the Champions League win, however, was straightforward that his time at Santiago Bernabeu was over and that he should start another chapter in his career.

It is an insane deal pulled off by Juventus. It brings to mind the similarly crazy transfer saga of Neymar’s exit from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain last summer. That started with small rumours as well before everything stockpiled and eventually it became clear that what once felt ridiculous and a trash story was about to come to fruition.

PSG eventually signed Neymar from Barcelona by paying £200m and now, Juventus have made a statement signing by acquiring the services of currently the best player in the world – Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo

So Ronaldo’s nine-year luxurious, trophy-laden association with Real is over. A move that rocked the football world, and rightfully so. But are Real right in letting go of the club’s best player?

Simply put, Real Madrid have lost their talisman, their savour and a goal-machine that has no stopping. Juventus, on the other hand, have stretched their financial arms wide in an attempt to make a giant leap forward by getting the Portuguese star.

The Turin giants broke their bank a couple of years ago for Gonzalo Higuain and that demonstrated they are not afraid of spending for the world’s best to conquer Europe. While Higuain’s transfer has enhanced their reputation as a dominant force in Italy, the Serie A club have sorely lacked a player of world-class pedigree to bring the European crown to Turin.

Ronaldo’s signing would surely give Juventus the superstar they have lacked in their ranks to get past the final European hurdle. Buying Ronaldo, who is not exactly at the peak of his powers, is an even more staggering example of the Italians’ determination.

Juventus have not looked back since winning the 2011-12 Serie A season. They have claimed 7 consecutive league titles and 4 straight domestic doubles, as well as reaching the final of the Champions League in two of the past four years.

Such untiring success is no accident. Juventus have been on a roll since the start of the decade and Ronaldo’s entry has already transformed Juventus’ finances. The Portuguese, to some, might be slowing down but he still managed to score 44 goals last season – a cracking return for a player at 33.

Cristiano Ronaldo

On the other hand, Madrid may have lost their hit-man but it was the right time for Florentino Perez to accept the offer. When you can get such a big amount for a player and cut off a hefty chunk from the wage bill for a 33-year-old player, you simply have to do it as it could again trigger Real’s spending spree.

With all the cash in hand, Perez can reinvest intelligently to build a squad capable of winning the La Liga this season. It is high time Madrid fans accept the fact that they got the prime years of Ronaldo’s career and there was no better time for their club to sell their prized asset.

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Simply put, Ronaldo’s deal suits both the parties. Real are right in selling the Portuguese after nine long years and Juventus have taken a gamble on him to make them the best in Europe. Chances are the gamble will pay off.

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