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What If Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi Played For The Same Team

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It’s always nice to fantasise what could’ve happened if our favourite players decided to play together for our team, imagining just how well all things could’ve gone if they actually made this move.

And, we often tend to create those super teams with our video games, playing as the managers and owners of the clubs and making a legacy out of the best guys in the world, but unfortunately for every single other club in the world, this just doesn’t happen in real life as we would all desire.

So, now it’s time to take our mind to wonder and imagine what if the world’s best two players in the decade would have actually played for the same team –  Yes, we are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Can you just picture this for a second? How unfair it would be for anybody else? These two guys own 9 ballon d’ors between them, something that sounds natural for them but that’s actually pretty ridiculous and quite unmatchable.

On top of that, their 0.73 and 0.85 goals per game average respectively is just something off the charts and would be something completely unstoppable for every single defence that dares to face them on any given night.

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Most of the people believe these guys couldn’t play together due to how much they enjoy to have the ball on their feet, but they’ve both shown to be very generous team players and could easily thrive alongside each other thrashing opposing defences.

There is, of course, the possibility that this experiment could fail and they just wouldn’t become what they are today, as even if they deny it, you can obviously tell that their biggest motivation is always the other, and that is why they work overnight to keep improving and leaving a great legacy for many years to come.

And what would happen with guys like Neymar and Bale? These players play as Robin on their current teams, but we know that both of them are more than capable of carrying the responsibility on their shoulders, should they play together and be their strongest competition. Would teams like Bayern Munich and Atletico de Madrid ever have the chance to win the UEFA Champions League against these two? We believe not.

We’ve all heard the never ending debate about who’s better, and depending whether you prefer Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, you could go all night discussing why your player is the best in the world, but that’s just a big waste of time and we should just appreciate both while we still can, as there won’t ever be another head to head fight for the supremacy of the world as it happened with this amazingly talented players.

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