Cristiano Ronaldo Breaks 11-Year-Old’s Wrist And Sends Him A Signed Madrid Shirt

It is not everyday that you hear something like this. Yes a Ronaldo free-kick has broken a 11-year old Bournemouth fan’s hand. 11-year-old Charlie Sherwood was on the wrong place at the wrong time during Bournemouth’s pre-season friendly against Real Madrid last Sunday, which saw his wrist broken in two places when a Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick struck his hand. However, the lad was brave enough to sit through the remaining part of the game before heading out to the hospital.

And as a token of apology, Ronaldo sent a Signed Real Madrid shirt which was presented to him by Bournemouth legend Steve Fletcher.

Charlie was Quoted as saying it was the most “Spectacular” ways to get your arm broken.

“It’s one of the most spectacular ways you can get your arm broken,” he said.

“I’d have to say I’d prefer doing it this way then just falling out of a tree like my dad did it.

“You wouldn’t expect this to happen to anybody. If I hadn’t put my left hand up, took the brunt of the force on my palm, I’d have ended up with no front teeth.”

Written by Dinesh V

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