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Contrary To What Rio Ferdinand Thinks, Arsenal Can Beat Burnley This Weekend – Agreed?

You’re Wrong Rio! Arsenal Will Beat Burnley Despite Their Inconsistency

Arsenal enjoyed a massive victory against their North London rivals over the weekend and their next Premier League encounter will be against Burnley, who have been incredibly brilliant this season. It will be a tough test and the Gunners cannot get complacent. They did display a lot of strength against Tottenham Hotspur which makes one think they have what it takes to beat Burnley next weekend. However, Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has come out and claimed that Arsenal may end up enduring a defeat against Burnley. Will that really happen?

The Gunners fired their way to a stunning victory against Spurs as goals from Shkodran Mustafi and Alexis Sanchez ensured the club notched their first Premier League win over Spurs in three-and-a-half years. Arsene Wenger’s men relentlessly pressed and fought their way into pushing their opponents to make mistakes – which they eventually capitalised on. Additionally, they also showcased their vintage flair in the attack, with Mesut Ozil putting in one of his best displays in an Arsenal shirt.

However, the main question here is whether or not the Gunners can continue the momentum from here. They always do show flashes of brilliance but end up wasting chances at later stages and this season, they cannot afford those mistakes. Inconsistency continues to be an issue for them and their away form this season does turn the stakes against them.

That said, Arsenal will bear in mind that they have moved to just one point below Spurs and that should be motivation enough to get the team to carry on playing like their former selves. Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil chasing down the goal in the final minutes was great to see, and it evoked a lot of memories among the fans.

The fans will expect to see this more often in the future and Arsenal are at a stage where they can aspire to play this way.

It is not just the attack but the performances from their midfielders and defenders were also encouraging. After all, Tottenham are a team that bested Europe’s reigning champions Real Madrid twice and for Arsenal to beat them is truly remarkable. And that does make a strong case for the fact that perhaps this time, they will not slow down.

The Gunners have often been criticised for failing to play that modern, high-pressing game that most of their rivals are playing but they did exactly that against Tottenham and there is a reason to believe they can continue with this in the future to salvage the rest of the season.

Sorry Rio, maybe your suggestion is wrong!