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Confirmed – Premier League Midfield Monster On Arsenal Radar

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Arsenal are looking to add Leicester City winger Riyad Mahrez into their squad in the summer. Mahrez has scored 14 times and has credit to 10 assists for the foxes which has led to the club joining the race for the Premier League title.

Reports suggest that Claudio Ranieri, Leicester City manager, stated that he is open to any transfers of his key players if that is what they want and if it’s for their betterment.

“If I am Riyad I say: ‘There are a lot of teams who want me. OK, I have to show more if I want to go there. I have to show my best, because if I should do my best maybe they want to buy me.’

“We want to keep all our players. We believe in them. But if a player comes to me and says: ‘Boss, I want to go there because it’s my ambition to go there.’ I’ll say: ‘Go and enjoy and have good luck.’

“Because I only want players who are happy to stay here, because sooner or later we grow up a lot. Of course, not like Barcelona or Real Madrid, but Leicester will be a very good team.”

This obviously means that the player is allowed to move out of the club if he is willing to. Although it seems like a green signal for Arsenal to hope for a transfer in the summer, Mahrez will not be an easy signing for the Gunners. Although there has been no valuation for the player, it is obvious that the Gunners will be paying a hefty amount of money for the same and with healthy competition from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United involved Arsenal may as well expect a heavy blow in their finances.