Christian Eriksen Girlfriend Sabrina Kvist Jensen Wiki 2022- Age, Net Worth, Career, Kids, Family and more

Who Is Sabrina Kvist Jensen? Meet The Girlfriend Of Christian Eriksen

Sabrina Kvist Jensen is famous for being the girlfriend of Brentford star Christian Eriksen. Read on to learn more about her nationality, net worth, facts and family.

From the several tough moments Sabrina has gone through, we could surely say that she has a strong personality. She is a professional hairdresser and has earned fame in the industry after several years of work. However, her love life is very simple as she only has one person in her life for a very long time. Danish star Christian Eriksen is very well respected and known in the footballing world as he has achieved many wonderful feats in his career.

Even though his career is very interesting, we think you’re here to know more about his love life and specifically about his girlfriend Of Christian Eriksen. We will reveal many intriguing facts about Danish beauty. Read until the end of this article to find everything there is to learn about Sabrina Kvist Jensen.                                                                                                 

Sabrina Kvist Jensen Facts & Wiki

BirthdayAugust 24, 1992
Place of BirthTommerup, Denmark
Partner Christian Eriksen
Sister / BrotherN.A
Father & MotherN.A
Hair ColourBrown 
Eye ColourDark 
Net Worth (approx.)N.A

Sabrina Kvist Jensen Childhood and Family 

Sabrina came to the earth on August 24, 1992. The information suggests that she was born in Tommerup, Denmark, which makes her Danish. Despite being a famous WAG, the stunning beauty has maintained secrecy regarding her private information.

That’s why we currently don’t know anything about her father and mother. However, they did their best to raise the child and taught her great ethics and values. Whether she has any siblings is still unknown. We are still investigating the matter and will update the article if we find new data. So stay tuned to know more about the girlfriend Of Christian Eriksen.                                                        

Sabrina Kvist Jensen is Danish. (Picture was taken from
Sabrina Kvist Jensen is Danish. (Picture was taken from

Sabrina Kvist Jensen Education

Sabrina’s educational journey is a mystery to us as she hasn’t shared much in any public appearances. We believe she went to a local high school in her hometown. She took classes of professional hairdressing in England after moving with Eriksen, but we are not sure if she attended an institution for that. She wanted to learn the skill from an early age and might have learned from an expert when she was very young.                                      

Sabrina Kvist Jensen career 

Sabrina is a professional hairdresser. We are currently unsure whether she has her own salon or is working for someone else. However, we believe she has gained the respect and faith of her customers over the years. Currently, she earns a handsome amount from her daily work.

Sabrina has always avoided public attention to her personal life. She maintains a low-key lifestyle and doesn’t like excessive attraction from the media. That’s why gathering information about her professional life has become quite difficult for us. 

However, our information suggests that Sabrina is a philanthropist. She supports and donates to the Fodboldfonden organisation that ensures a better life for poverty-stricken children. Well, that’s a fabulous aide of her personality. She is a big-hearted person and doesn’t like to make a fuss about her contributions either.                 

Sabrina Kvist Jensen is a hairdresser. (Picture was taken from
Sabrina Kvist Jensen is a hairdresser. (Picture was taken from

Sabrina Kvist Jensen Net Worth 

Sabrina’s net worth is currently unknown. We believe she has accumulated a large sum from her hairdressing career. However, as we are unsure about her wages, we couldn’t calculate the exact amount of her net worth. She is a pretty low-key person and doesn’t like the luxurious lifestyle. So she spends significantly less than other famous WAGS and donates a large sum of her earnings to charity. We are still investigating the missing information and will update the article if we find new data. Stay tuned to know more about the stunning wife of Christian Eriksen.                                        

Sabrina Kvist Jensen and Christian Eriksen’s relationship

Christian Eriksen has been with her girlfriend for almost a decade. The duo met back in 2012. Due to the lack of information, we couldn’t fetch how, when and where they met. However, right after their first meeting, they were convinced that they were supposed to take the relationship further.

They started meeting each other and formed a solid bond over time. As they maintained a low-key lifestyle and often dated secretly, many fans didn’t know about their relationship in the initial years. However, they stayed together and passed many challenges with the support of each other.

When Eriksen was playing for Tottenham, a rumour circulated that Sabrina cheated on her partner with Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen. However, when questioned in the media, Eriksen and Vertonghen both ruled out the talks, saying that it is bulls***. Recently the Danish midfielder suffered the lowest point of his career when he experienced a heart problem during a EURO 2020 match and fell on the pitch. It was a challenging moment for the family. However, the Danish star has made a comeback recently and is planning to resume his career.                                              

Christian Eriksen met with her girlfriend in 2012. (Picture was taken from SportMob)
Christian Eriksen met with her girlfriend in 2012. (Picture was taken from SportMob)

Sabrina Kvist Jensen and Christian Eriksen Children  

The duo welcomed their first and only child, a son named Alfred Eriksen, in 2018. The pair loves to spend time with their son. Sabrina has a picture with her son as her Instagram profile picture. 

Christian Eriksen with wife and children. (Credit: Instagram)
Christian Eriksen with wife and children. (Credit: Instagram)

Sabrina Kvist Jensen Social media 

Sabrina has an account on Instagram. However, she has kept it private. She rarely posts on public media as she prefers to spend time with her family rather than scrolling through social media pages. As she doesn’t like the excessive attention from the media and stardom, we believe her decision makes sense.              

FAQs about Sabrina Kvist Jensen

When did Sabrina Kvist Jensen and Christian Eriksen get married?
The duo is yet to get married. 
What is Sabrina Kvist Jensen doing now?
She is a professional Hairdresser.  
How old is Sabrina Kvist Jensen?
She is 30 years old. 
Nationality of Sabrina Kvist Jensen?
She is Danish. 
What is Sabrina Kvist Jensen’s net worth?
Her net worth is unknown.  

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