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Is Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho Going to be the Next Manager to Face the Axe?

“You’re getting sacked in the morning”, that was being sung out loud by the West Ham supporters as Chelsea conceded a goal to go behind in this London derby. Chelsea lost for the fifth time in the league this season when they had lost only four times in the entire campaign last season. The Champions were second best in the game and further misery was compounded by another lacklustre display by the Blues.

The one thing that remained with the Blues was their habit of surrounding the referee as soon as anything went against the team. This time around it was Nemanja Matic, who got sent off for two bookable offences in the first half. Both decisions were correct, but the Chelsea players didn’t and off they went to surround the referee, another two were booked, one member of the coaching staff was sent off and Jose Mourinho was sent to the stands before the start of the second half, maybe the players can learn about respecting the referee, a few kilometres away from the Rugby World Cup.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

Either way, Chelsea were poor and more pressure was heaped on Jose Mourinho, the manager had earlier stated that he was the best manager this club has ever had and if the club wanted to sack him, they should. The vocal support he has from the Chelsea players is not a surprise; no player would come out and state anything that would jeopardize their position at the club.

Mourinho though seems to be the major problem at Chelsea, right from the start of the season things have not gone as planned by the Portuguese. From the planning of preseason games to the failed attempts at bringing John Stones, this was further accentuated by the treatment of Eva Carneiro and then the performance by most of the players at Chelsea.

Mourinho is certainly capable of turning things around, but he has never faced such a situation in his career. Most of the time the biggest struggle for any club he has managed would have been a loss and a draw here and there and them being a bit off the pace from the top, his team are currently languishing in 15th place in the league with only 11 points from 10 games. This might not be relegation form, but this certainly isn’t formed to take you into the Champions League.

Mourinho had stated that winning the title would be tough when his side lost at home against Southampton but expected his Chelsea side to make it into the top four come the end of the season. The only way they can actually reach the Champions League next season is if they win the tournament and that is a long shot considering the way the team has played this season.

It isn’t that the team has a poor group of players, something that Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce could claim, after all most of the starting XI for Chelsea play for national teams. This is the same core that was winning matches easily last season, this season however everything has gone wrong with Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

No matter what you say, even if the players and team don’t do their job, the buck stops with the manager. We saw that with David Moyes and more recently with Brendan Rodgers, Jose Mourinho could be the manager on the chopping block, after all Roman Abramovich wants success and that seems to be a long way away basis this Chelsea team.

Roman would be biding his time before he decides to pull the trigger, after all not many world-class managers would be available for the job from the get go and who would want to step into the shoes of Jose Mourinho, a legend at Chelsea and probably one of the best managers in the world. Sometimes a change is needed to fix things, the Liverpool game next week becomes increasingly crucial for Mourinho, if he loses this tie, it could be curtains for the Portuguese, who wanted to build a dynasty at Chelsea during his second stint but his castle is crumbling.

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