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Chelsea’s £70million Rabbit Hunt!

Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Rabbit season! Duck Season! Who’s right? Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck? It is probably both. The long and tedious pre-season for the European football leagues, is nothing more than a vicious hunt for rabbits and ducks amongst Europe’s top clubs. Summer is also the season for wonderful vacations and extensive travel, but since my traveling budget is close to non-existent, I’m left with dreaming about football. Today, my dreams turn to some of the possible scenarios for Chelsea FC during the transfer season.


The latest rumors have Chelsea vying for the services of either Luis Suárez or Wayne Rooney, Danielle De Rossi and John Ruddy. Thus, each of these players costing about 40, 20 and 10 million euros, respectively. Overall, through those 70 million, Chelsea would look to address its top priorities: the lack of a killer striker upfront, the absence of a midfield chief commander and to have a reliable and proven back-up for Petr Cech.

True, Fernando Torres has elevated his game almost to its highest level, becoming a vital part of the recent Europa League Title, and being called up once again to the Spanish national team. However, it is clear that mentally he has never gotten over the fact of being benched by Drogba’s command upon his arrival to London. Hence, “El niño’s” departure from the club would be the best alternative for both parties. With that in mind, Luis Suárez is a better all-around attacking player than Torres (even though he also has mental problems of his own). Dribbling, passing, taking free kicks, finishing plays, Suárez is worth more than his price tag, making him potentially a great buy. Although, Edinson Cavani would fit better in Chelsea’s team.

Even though he is a more limited player than his fellow countryman, Cavani’s keen inside the box instincts, aerial threat, and commitment to defend, makes him a perfect match for Mourinho’s defensive tactics and reliance on a single true forward. Yet, I suspect that aside from the money involved, Pastore’s presence (Cavani’s old-team while in Palermo) and Paris’ charm has lured him to join PSG. In other words, if the transfer for Suárez is not successful, Chelsea would be almost forced to buy and overpay for Brazil’s overrated and megalomaniac Hulk. Unless, Mourinho thinks than Lukaku is now ready to be the next Drogba.

Furthermore, it is imperative for Chelsea to acquire a strong defensive midfielder. With Obi Mikel playing in a position he doesn’t really belong to and with Oriol Romeu loaned to Valencia for the upcoming season, the hole at the back of Chelsea’s midfield looks astronomical. However, Mourinho has a plan. He is chasing Danielle De Rossi, the dutiful defensive midfielder that made Italy look the defensive powerhouse that we all know. Moreover, Mourinho has something of an obsession with this player, according to Martin Lipton of the Daily Mirror, being this the third time he has tried to buy him (he tried to get him while coaching Inter and Real). Maybe the third time is really the charm.

Lastly, the goal, Chelsea has a golden insurance policy to replace Cech when he is not apt to lead the team’s goalkeeping post anymore: Thibaut Courtois. The skillful Belgian keeper belongs to Chelsea and has proven while on loan at Atlético de Madrid that he is ready to be Chelsea’s number one. Yet, Cech has plenty left, so Chelsea is looking for a keeper to stay on the bench but capable of being a starter any given day. So, acquiring Ruddy from Norwich becomes the perfect balm to let Courtois continue playing in Madrid for now, and having a proven number one choice as a back-up for Cech.

In theory, spending 75 million only on 3 transfers may seem like a lot, but putting to the test they would solve Chelsea’s problems on the pitch for the foreseeable future. Still, they need first to happen, and most importantly, work as advertised, to make Chelsea supporters, just as Mourinho, a “Happy Ones”.

PS: If I could make anything happen, I would swap Torres for Suárez straight up (a little amount of money on the side may be necessary). Torres would benefit from being the top player/idol once more and would get his level to his previous defenses frightening self. Additionally, to fill the gap in the middle I would get Maruoane Fellaini instead of De Rossi- even though De Rossi is more effective defending- because aside from the Belgian’s excellent form, who wouldn’t want to go to a game wearing an Afro wig.

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