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Chelsea Transfers: Why Signing This Midfield Engine Will Be A Turning Point For The Blues

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Arturo Vidal

The turnaround of the playing staff at Chelsea could hit fever pitch pretty soon if the latest rumours are set to come true. While Antonio Conte is now seen as the man who will take up the reins at the club, there has been a lot of speculation about the signing of Arturo Vidal next season.

Arturo Vidal
Arturo Vidal

Vidal had only joined Bayern Munich at the start of this season but we all know that the right amount of money can even bring Lionel Messi to Chelsea. Vidal is 28-years-old but is a seasoned professional and getting his signature could well turn Chelsea into an unstoppable machine next season.

The burning desire to do well for club and country

Picture this, when was the last time Chelsea had a rampaging box-to-box midfielder who could score, attack, defend, pass and was built like a brick? Possible Michael Ballack comes into the fray but even he was not as good as Vidal has been ever since he left Germany and joined Juventus.

The 28-year-old was the heartbeat of the Juventus side and when he was sold to Munich, it was a tough call to replace someone who provides the team with so much more than just being a midfielder and passing the ball around.

Vidal is a character, someone who does not take things lying down. Something that South Americans seem to have when it comes to playing football, it is this street football – never say die attitude which takes them to the top, something that Alexis Sanchez and Luis Suarez have also shown for their respective teams.

Vidal is a midfield engine and that is something that Chelsea have needed since the days of Makelele and Lampard leaving the club. Cesc Fabregas and Nemanja Matic are great players in their own right but when the chips are down, will they step up and galvanise the team or even shout out loud and get the team going? Maybe, maybe not, but certainly Vidal is someone who can get all this started,

Arturo would be the perfect foil for Chelsea to rebuild, the biggest issue would be ensuring that they have a player in the ranks who can partner Vidal, probably another player who also does a similar job to Vidal. The 28-year-old Chilean would be an exceptional player for any club and he is at the right age to make a move to another club.

Would Bayern be willing to sell someone who has become such an integral part of the team? That too when they don’t really have someone to replace him with? That is a big question which we will get to know later but one thing is a given, if Chelsea do get him, it could be the start of something special indeed.