Chelsea News: Sensible Decision By The Blues As They Drop Interest In This German Star

Antonio Rudiger

Very few player could generate interest after a major injury that Antonio Rudiger has been able to generate. However according to Emanuele Giuilianelli, the club has dropped their interest in the German player.

This comes right after the news on La Republica, an Italian newspaper, that Conte was interested in Rudiger in spite of his anterior cruciate ligament injury. Rudiger spent last season on loan at AS Roma from Stuttgart and has impressed in the 37 games that he played for the Italian club. However while training with the national team before the Euro 2016 he suffered the injury and now the interest of Chelsea is likely to be shaky in the player.

It makes sense though as the ACL injury cannot be taken lightly and very few has properly recovered from such injuries to their previous heights. Conte wants a long term replacement for John Terry and Rudiger was supposed to fit the bill but now looks like the search has to go on.

Written by David Sangma

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