Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho Confirms that He Will leave the Club if his Players Want Him to Do So

It has now been stated by Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho that he will leave the club if his players tell him that he is no longer wanted by them. The Blues lost at Stamford Bridge on Saturday to Southampton in the Premier League, which was their fourth defeat in eight games. After the match, the Portuguese boss had a seven-minute monologue on Sky Sports.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

Defending the accusations that were made, the former Real Madrid boss stated that the club would have to “sack the best manager in their history” to make him leave west London. He said, “People can say what they want. I think you should go straight to the players. Get a table at Cobham next week – John Terry doesn’t go to the national team, Diego Costa doesn’t go, Ramires doesn’t go. Ask them. If they tell you they don’t trust me, that is the only thing that can make me resign. The only thing. But not fake sources. The players at the table.

Mourinho further added that he is enjoying some of the aspects of what he is going through now. He stated, “It makes me understand how big a guy I am. I am not afraid. I’m not crying, I’m not desperate. It makes me realise how big I was, how big I am. When you win and you win titles and you are champion, life is easy. It’s easy to be proud. It’s easy to be what you are. In this moment it’s not so easy and my feelings – I’m so unhappy with the sport feeling of defeat but I am so happy with myself with the way I am facing this. After blaming poor decisions by the referees, the players’ lack of confidence and a number of mistakes made by the players, Mourinho is now relying on the intervention of “Mother Nature”.

He concluded, “Only Mother Nature can do it. They need to feel luck, they need to arrive at half-time winning 2-0, 3-0. They need to fly without pressure, they need to play and feel that everything is going in their favour. Not to feel this pressure, this panic, this negativity. Decisions against, unlucky, mistakes. They need it. Time will bring it. I don’t know next match, in two matches, in three. For sure they will get that confidence back, for sure.”

Written by Nitish Bhan

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