Chelsea Latest: Ronaldo Poised To Join Mourinho At The Bridge And Mata Looking Forward To Man City Clash

Cristiano Ronaldo will almost certainly leave Real Madrid before his contract expires in 2015, and despite his apparent differences with José Mourinho it is reported that the pair could join forces at Chelsea.

Ever since Ronaldo went public about his stay at Santiago Bernabeu a lot of ink has been spent on speculation of his parting ways with Read Madrid and coming back to Manchester United next season.

However, very recently Roman Calderon, a former Real Madrid president has stated that it is improbable for United to pay Real the kind of money that they will demand for Ronaldo’s transfer and he feels a more possible destination for Ronaldo is Chelsea.

Recently in an interview Calderon has stated

“There are not many teams that could afford to pay him what he deserves and who can pay Real Madrid what they are asking for. There are three clubs – Manchester City, PSG and Chelsea. I don’t think any other club is going to pay that amount of money for a player.”

They [Real] are going to negotiate the contract now and they will make a decision. It’s something we will know in a few weeks.

“The president doesn’t need to keep Cristiano Ronaldo to be re-elected because no-one else is in the running.

“In a different world he would have agreed a deal [privately] to let him leave next summer, then said to the fans that he [Ronaldo] was going to extend his contract. Then they would have an agreement to leave the club when someone has the money.”

Chelsea are on the verge of making a managerial change before the start of the next campaign and it is almost certain that Jose Mourinho will be their steward next term. Therefore it would be a huge step for the Blues if they can replicate the partnership of Jose and Ronaldo at Real. Although it has not yielded as many trophies as one would have imagined, it is a partnership which has yielded 168 goals in 163 encounters and bound to be deadly when joined hands with the likes of Juan Mata and Eden Hazard in the squad.

Chelsea have lacked a genuine goalscorer ever since Drogba left the club and have depended on their midfielders for goals and Ronaldo’s arrival can take them to a whole new level.

With a manager under whom he has worked for three seasons at Spain, it would not be difficult for him to settle down at his new home and recreate the magic he did at Old Traffird. Although Manchester United fans, who still adore their former player, would not take this news in a positive manner, Chelsea would certainly be a team to look out for if this move finally happens.

In other news, Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata who has traveled to the United States, to play two exhibition matches to wrap up their grueling 69-match season is looking forward to the Blues clash with fellow Premier league club Manchester City.

Talking to the reporters, the Spaniard, said:

“We’re really happy to be here in the city at this amazing stadium, at the university camp also, and it’s good to promote soccer to people here, to see a lot of people wearing Chelsea shirts.

“We’re very happy to be here and will do our best in the game to win.

“Man City has a lot of players with quality, midfielders and offensive players.

“It’s hard to play against them. They keep the ball, have possession and have a lot of goals in their game. It’s difficult to defend them, but we will see tomorrow. We know each other really well.

“For both teams, the best thing will be the atmosphere of the stadium. It is a huge venue and it is a pleasure for us to play here.

“We are expecting a great atmosphere and we will do our best for the supporters that are going to be here.

“It is not the same because if you lose these games you don’t lose three points, but when we represent Chelsea what we want is to win, no matter if it’s a friendly game or not.”


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