Chelsea Latest: Midfield Target Set To Stay At The Club And Mourinho’s Mind Games

Jose Mourinho under pressure at Madrid

Well let us ask our readers about how long they expect Jose Mourinho to not indulge in some mind game and keep a low profile? As most of the readers would get it right, the time period is not much and they can’t be blamed for that, for the Special One is already making his presence felt.

Mourinho has mentioned that Manchester City and United won the last two league titles not for being superlative, but because the others committed mistakes benefitting their team. He went on to say that the Chelsea team that he managed the previous term were the personification of the term phenomenon.

He asked “Do you think Manchester United won the Premier League last year because they were an unbelievable team? I don’t think so. The other contenders didn’t have a very good season. It was the same when City won the title. Were they an extraordinary team? I don’t think so. Others made so many mistakes that City eventually won the competition.”

“I think the champions, in other seasons, were magnificent. In the last two seasons, I’ve felt ‘no’. The champions were champions as a consequence of many things, not because they were phenomenal. The other big teams made too many mistakes.”, he added.

The Portuguese manager is already making headlines and all the fans can be rest assured that as the season progresses, his fireworks will only increase.

In other news, Sami Khedira’s agent has confirmed that the German star will not leave Real Madrid in pursuit of Chelsea, although Jose Mourinho had wanted him at the London club.

“Sami will play at Madrid in the upcoming season,” Khedira’s agent was heard saying German paper Bild.  “I don’t know who seems to think it’s fun to spread rumours about his future. It’s annoying and hurts Sami.”

The 26-year old has a contract running till 2015 and he would not move out of Madrid so soon. Khedira failed to get a regular first team place at the Spanish capital and it was being reported that PSG, along with Chelsea were interested in the midfielder. But now it seems that he will continue to play for Real Madrid.

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