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Chelsea Latest: Jose Says Eto Was A Killer And Admits Chelsea’s Deserved Defeat

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Chelsea had to face yet another disappointment when they were beaten by Everton yesterday after they failed to score for the second time in succession. Everton managed to get one past Pter Cech in the dying minutes of the first half and that was enough to seal the win for them. Their lack of scoring can be blamed on their strike force which again misfired in spite of getting constant support from the midfield. Now manager Jose Mourinho has stated the same and has vent out his frustration towards his strikers.

Mourinho: we deserve to lose
Mourinho: we deserve to lose

“I don’t think it is a question of sharpness but perhaps no killer instinct in this game,” Mourinho stated. “In the second half a Branislav Ivanovic cross and Eto’o at the first post, he has scored 100 of these goals in his career. Samuel was a killer (in front of goal) all his career.”

Yesterday Chelsea’s new recruit Samuel Eto’o made his debut for the club and it did not go as expected. His performance did not impress the manager after Mourinho brought him to Stamford Bridge with the expectations of him repeating his feat of 2010 c with Inter Milan, when they won the Champions League under Mourinho. Eto’o is now 32 at the twilight of his career and thus it would certainly worry Mourinho, especially because he does not have have too many replacements at hand with Fernando Torress and Demba Ba disappointing.

But Mourinho also stressed that Chelsea were certainly the better team among the two and that they were certainly not the deserving losers. The Special One stressed that his team made many mistakes on the pitch and it was certainly one of the reasons for them to end up on the wrong side of the scoreboard.

In an interview to Sky after the match he said, “We didn’t deserve it (to lose) because we were the best team, because we play the best football, because we dominate the whole game, because we had 21 shots, because we risk everything we could. In that sense it is fair to say we deserved to win the game. But the other way, a team that has 21 shots, some of them easy shots and easy situations to score and we don’t score and we have a mistake in the last minute of the first half. Maybe with that I should say we deserve to lose.”