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Chelsea Latest Including: Khedira And Carvalho

Former Chelsea player Ricardo Carvalho has been spotted talking candidly about his former boss Jose Mourinho. Currently plying his in trade in the French club AS Monaco, Carvalho had spent a long spell of his career under the ‘Special one’.

The 35-year old centre back was one of the main supports of the Blues when they won consecutive Premier League titles in 2004-05 and 2005-06 under the guidance of the Portuguese manager. Carvalho’s journey with the magnificent manager started back in FC Porto. In 2004, Mourinho joined the West London club and along with him brought this Portuguese defender. Carvalho spent six years at Chelsea till 2010, only to reunite with the manager in the Spanish club Real Madrid.

Carvalho has been quite frank about Mourinho, the transformation he had seen during all his years with the glorious manager, the killer instinct of the manager and Mourinho’s influence on Carvalho.

“I remember the first two years at Chelsea. It was difficult to play. It was about getting the result, closing the gaps and not giving chances away. You don’t want to waste the ball in your half, or even in midfield, because the other team can be more dangerous then.

“After the second year we started to have more possession of the ball. But Jose believes that in order to grow as a team, it’s important to win first. For me, what makes him special is that he likes to work on the small details. He wants you to improve as a player and overall he wants to win. We won a lot of trophies together.

“Where he improved me as a player was that I needed to be more focused throughout a game. Sometimes I lost concentration — he got me to focus for the whole game. Even against the smaller teams, he wants you to be focused because he wants to win every game.

“When he loses, he can’t live with that. He can’t live with a defeat and you feel that in him.

“After a match when you have had a bad game, the next day is a difficult day to work with him. He doesn’t say much but when he speaks he has to criticise and say what he thinks about your performance. He makes you feel like you have to improve.”

Sami Khedira

In other news, Mourinho seems to be reminiscent of his former club Real Madrid’s midfielder Sami Khedira. After letting go Oriol Romeu on a loan move to Celta Vigo, Mourinho is desperate to add a prolific and experience midfielder.

Mirror have already quoted that, the Premier League club is planning on going after Sami Khedira this summer:

Jose Mourinho has lined up a raid on Real Madrid for German midfielder Sami Khedira.

Mourinho wants a busy midfield general to add to his squad and Real Madrid want around £20m for the German who Chelsea are believed to be ready to pay around £4m-a-year.

Khedira has been considered as a dynamic player with great aerial ability. His powerful range of shooting has uplifted him to a greater height. Starting his career at Vfb Stuttgart, he moved to Madrid in 2010 when Mourinho started his regime with the Spanish club. So, the Portuguese’s affinity for the German international is quite distinct. So, the fans can hope to see the 26-year old German midfielder wearing the Blue jersey in Stamford Bridge this year.