Chelsea Are Furious! Juventus Is The Reason

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Juan Cuadrado moved to Chelsea last year. After lack of game-time he is currently on loan at Juventus and has been contributing well. Even recently he scored a wonderful looping header against Fiorentina. One would assume that Juventus are happy with his performance and will sign him at the end of the season as agreed.

Contrary to the above expectation, it has been reported that Juventus are still not sure if they would want to sign the Colombian on a permanent deal or not. One of the reason stated is that the new formation the adapted by Allegri, Juventus manager. There has been a recent change in the formation from 4-3-3 to a 3-5-2 and the manager happens to think that Lichsteiner will be a better option than Cuadrado.

Chelsea had paid over €30m for Cuadrado and though are sure not to receive the same amount, will like to recover some of that cost for the winger. The real price is yet to be determined and the news from Italian media is changing almost every day regarding Cuadrado and Juventus. It appears that Juventus are planning to drive a hard bargain and pull every possible trick to lower the price of the player.

Written by David Sangma

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