Chelsea FC – That Man Who Made Us Cry

Didier Drogba – That Man Who Made Us Cry

Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba

The Gunners are destroyed by him, The Reds can’t stop him, The Red Devils can’t touch him. Call him a monster, call him a beast, call him what may, he will always be one of the best in the world. Be it a friendly or a cup final he never fails to give it his 100%. He steps on the field and plays as if every match is a cup final. He might be a beast in front of the goal but on the pitch he is as humble as a gentleman, treating his opponents as brothers.

That man is not just a professional football player – and by professional I mean ‘Professional’, he is a generous ‘Human Being’ too. ‘Being Human’ is something what rich football players find it difficult to be, given their arrogance and pride. That is why this man is more than just a footballer. He gives all his money gained by various endorsements to his Charity foundation not even touching a single penny from it. He also set up a hospital through his foundation in his poverty stricken country. People in his country worship him, worship him as their god, and rightly so.

Scoring 9 goals in 9 cup finals he is touted as ‘The Man for the Big Occasion’. He has had 8 glorious trophy laden seasons at the Stamford Bridge. But certainly one was missing from the trophy cabinet. That ONE cup Chelsea and Roman Abramovich craved for over the years, the most coveted trophies in European Football – The Champions League.

The Champions League is not by any means an easy competition to win and was the case with Chelsea. However in 2008 Chelsea made it to the finals of the Champions League but unfortunately ‘The Man for The Big Occasion’ was ruled out following his red card in the semi-final clash against Barcelona. Chelsea were just a penalty away from laying their hands on the trophy – yes, we were that close. Due to the ruling out of this man, Chelsea’s skipper was set to be the 5th and final penalty kick taker. Alas! God had different plans. Four years after that huge disappointment Chelsea reached the Champions League finals once again in 2012.

This time it was Chelsea’s skipper who was ruled out of the finals following his red card against Barcelona in the semi-final. The script seems to be almost same with slight changes, doesn’t it? Trailing by a goal to a mighty Bayern Munich side in the dying minutes of the match, it was this man who stepped up and headed things level with just 2 minutes remaining. With extra time beckoning, he suddenly turned from being a Hero to being a Villain gifting the opposition a penalty. Again God had different plans. The penalty was saved – another one of Chelsea’s Hero that night – as the game went on to the shootouts.

Chelsea were left here in Germany with the same situation as in 2008 in Moscow – Just ONE penalty away. But there was a slight change in God’s script in 2012 – the beast was set to take the penalty, yes, that man who missed out on the chance to taking the final penalty kick four years ago. Chelsea players could hear the church bells from Moscow ring all over again. He stepped up, placed the ball on the spot, everyone has their fingers crossed, and…………………………… – The rest is History!

They say it was the heavens, it was the angels. It was indeed the heavens and the angels, in the form of that man, that man who gave us everything he had, THAT MAN WHO MADE US CRY on May the 19th, 2012, a Chelsea Legend. This is what was – the God’s plan. What goes around comes back around. There is a saying that goes something like this – “A person is recognized by the work he does and not by his name”. Hence the reason for not mentioning his name anywhere in the article. Let him be remembered for what he has done. Long Live The King! Keep The Blue Flag Flying High! Up in the sky.

Drogba recently received the 2013 Golden Foot award. An award which is given out to players above the age of 29 and actively contributing to the sport.


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