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Chelsea FC: Forget Falcao, He is The Real Deal

Well in life we often go on searching for gold to far off destinations, while more valuable gems lie near our own place. Something similar is bound to happen with Chelsea, who have been searching for a striker all across Europe while a gem of a player, a certain Didier Drogba replacement – Romelu Lukaku has been allowed to leave Stamford Bridge on loan.

Having already lost Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool due to poor management, Chelsea should be vary of Lukaku’s future as the youngster has been splendid throughout the season for West Brom and could be a real star in the making. But come summer, if Chelsea let go of their youngster once again then they would be on a mission of self destruction as their search for Didier Drogba’s replacement still goes on.

This feature of Chelsea can be traced back to the club’s mentality blockage to promote raw talents and rather go for established names, players who certainly have their pedigree but come with a baggage of a high transfer fee and a huge wage bill. Even that would have gone unnoticed have their strikers not misfired so much during the season. Both Torres and Ba have been average to say the least and Chelsea have lacked a bellwether in their strike force throughout the season. And given the caustic wit that Roman Abramovich is notorious for, he may throw a ludicrous amount of money to lure Falcao or Cavani to Chelsea in the summer.

But any football lover would urge the Chelsea management to provide an opportunity to Lukaku who has displayed heightened progression this season at West Brom netting 17 times and also assisting a few. This was validated by his hat-trick against Manchester United last Sunday, an occasion to highlight Sir Alex Ferguson’s last match in charge.

He is a massive physical specimen blessed with an eye for goal, a combination made lethal by his discriminative finishing. If there was one player who deserved to be in this Chelsea side more than anyone else, it is most definitely him, for Chelsea could well have their next Drogba in this prodigy.

It is never too late to mend one’s mistake but for Chelsea it is the high time to get things in order and provide the striker his fair share of chances in the league because five years down the line they would not like to be the club who missed out on a world class player for another elusive striker, which was never to be.

Lukaku's average ratings and stats from the different positions he has played
Lukaku’s average ratings and stats (According to whoscored) 

If you have a look at the picture below, either Torres or Ba is present and Lukaku leads the likes of Van Persie, Bale and Suarez in terms of Minutes per goal ratio. Lukaku’s 117 minutes per goal has trounced high profile strikers such as van Persie, Michu, Benteke, Suarez and Bale.

And his shot accuracy – that is what the most staggering of them all. It is at 58% (81 shots – 17 goals), second only to Hernandez. While the other Premier League top goal scorers Robin van Persie (118 shots – 26 goals), Luis Suarez(143 shots – 23 goals), Gareth Bale(133 shots – 21 goals), Michu (88 shots – 18 goals).

Apart from all these he has also had valuable Premier league experience, what more do you need?

Lukaku Stats Forget Falcao, Lukaku is Chelseas Future | Lukaku Stats

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