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Why Chelsea Fans Should Be Excited With Italies Performance In The Euros

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte

A tactical master class from Antonio Conte and Italy ensured that there is going to be a new European Champion. Spain had no answer has the Azzurri claimed a 2-0 victory in their Round of 16 tie at the Stade De France. Conte asked his players to play a certain system and they responded. What really made it work was that the Italian players gave it their all on the field. Spain looked lacklustre for much of the game with Buffon hardly having a save to make. The same cannot be said for his counterpart though. David De Gea had to make several crucial saves to keep Spain alive in the match. The fact that Italy were not considered by many as a threat for the major teams and some even said this was the worst Italian team in the last 50 years, truly shows the skill and genius of Conte.

Spain were unable to get into their groove as they were never allowed much time on the ball. Italy’s players pressed high and worked so hard off the ball to win it back. Antonio Conte instils a belief in his players. Every single player knows the role he has to play and they want to lay it all on the line for him. It’s something Chelsea very much lacked under Mourinho last season. Many of the star players like Hazard and Fabregas looked like they didn’t want to play and their attitude was poor. It contributed significantly to their downfall. This is something you have not seen with Conte’s Italian or previous Juventus team. The 3-5- 2 system helps them transform defence into attack seamlessly and it’ll also give players like Hazard the freedom that they want to express themselves.

Another thing that the Chelsea fans might have found familiar how animated the Italian was on the touchline. Not only shouting out messages to ensure his team keep the intensity up but to celebrating wildly by jumping up on the dugout when Pelle sealed the result with their second. He also seems to be a fan of committing antics as he kicked the ball away when it rolled towards him. All these things just show how passionate he is and the energy he will bring to Chelsea. Something they desperately need.

One of Chelsea’s major problems in the past season was that they were conceding too many goals. Italy have historically always been a very defensive team it has been no different at EURO 2016. Conceding just one goal so far in their 4 games, the Azzurri have been absolutely solid. There have been rumours of Barzagli joining Chelsea and it’ll be an excellent signing. Plus having played under Conte for Juventus as well as Italy, it increases the likeliness of him joining.