Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho Reveals the Team News Ahead of Norwich Game

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

Chelsea manager spoke to the media ahead of he Norwich game and expressed confidence of doing well. Here is what he had to say

On the match against Norwich:

I think tomorrow we are going to play very well. With all the respect, I have for unpredictability in football, and all the respect I have for our opponents, I think we will play well and get a good result. The players are enthusiastic and confident. They know they are playing more than okay, individually and collectively, and the results have to come. We are positive. I don’t think we are going to start the game under any kind of pressure, we just want to play.

On the support of the Fans:

‘In some stadiums and at some clubs, when the results are not good it’s the home fans that play against you a little bit,’ he explained. ‘This is not the case; at home our fans have been magnificent with the team. Instead of it being a factor to disturb a little, it’s a factor to make the team feel comfortable. The fans are showing lots of respect and great support. We play Norwich at home and then Maccabi Tel Aviv and Tottenham away, but we want to be back at home to play against Bournemouth and Porto. Stamford Bridge has been very good for us and that’s one more reason to give Stamford Bridge what they want.

On potential January signings:

We were champions a few months ago, not four years ago or 10 years ago. The manager is the same, the players are basically the same too. Nobody gives a four-year contract if they don’t trust the person. Nobody gives new contracts to players, like we did to so many of them in the last couple of months, if they don’t trust them. There is trust and there are reasons for that trust, but obviously the power is in the hands of the owner and the board. In the same way they’ve shown they trust us, it’s time for us to give a positive answer, which I think we are giving but not with results. It’s important for us to go into a good period because the owner deserves it, the board deserves it and the supporters deserve so much. We are working well and fighting together, I believe the good moment will arrive. Lots of matches are coming. We have four months without the national team and four months with the three most beautiful competitions to play. The FA Cup will start for us, plus the Premier League and Champions League. I will not ask the board for any changes in January. I’m happy with my players, I trust my players, I don’t need to clean the dressing room or ask the club to spend money. We put ourselves in a great situation together by being champions, now we have to be together again to put this situation back in the right place.

Team News:

Both Radamel Falcao and Thibaut Courtois are edging closer to a return. The Belgian goalkeeper is expected to be back in December. Branislav is still out. Rest others are fit.

On Chelsea Academy players doing well for their countries:

It’s good for Chelsea, for them and hopefully for the national team. It’s a period in their evolution. International football is different to club football. They are playing with kids of their age, which is different to club football, when they play with people with 15 years’ more experience than them, but at this age every experience is good for them so I’m more than happy.’

Written by Jose Mourinho Guy

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