Champions League: Mistakes More Than Hard Work Cost Juventus

David alaba ribery bayern munich

Only 26 seconds were enough for the lightning Bavarians to put Old Lady on the ropes. The German night that promised to be a fully armed tank lived up to the expectation and like lightning it fell within half a minute of the game, when the usually flawless Andrea Pirlo gave away the ball to David Alaba and the left back made the most out of it. His shot from 25 yards deceived Buffon making him see his sheep costume hiding the wolf. The Bianconeri never really looked like getting a grip on the game after the early set back and eventually gave away another goal which will make it even more difficult when they host the Germans back in Turin.

The Italian tank must change direction, the Turin club were the most surprised strangers and had become the most popular bet for the title of “Black Horse“. Their arrival in the German soil saw one of it’s shoes left behind and the rocky road helmet struck fear when in contact with the enemy. While the pass to the Semi-finals is the purpose of the teams, the Italians had something more that that. As a sole club from Italy playing in the Champions league, Juventus had to defend the Italian pride which was at stake with barbed wire, metal stakes and men who would not let a single blind spot, the Old Lady would prevent the Teutons do more big advantage.

So was the rest of the game. After an early set back to Kroos , Arjen Robben stepped in to add a difference to the attacking flare, a new look to the attack and the red tide constantly crashed the black and white dam. And each time the when the wave came at him, Gianluigi Buffon caught it with determination and showed skills that led him to be considered the best goalkeeper in the world. But even then water eroded the rock.

Regardless of whom were in front, the German tank kept moving taking Care of landmines and the heavy Panzer was not slackened in it’s pace. And neither Cheillini efforts combined with Buffon hauls were able to hold the site longer. After a save that has found it’s ways in the front pages of newspapers, Buffon let one slip out his hands which Mandzukic laid it on a plate for Mueller to tap in. 

It was truly a weird night for the Italians, all the hard work done by Buffon and his defenders went in vain with just two mistakes. The Bianconeri will look to avenge their anger when they host the Bundesliga leaders next week, while the Germans will want to virtually close the deal and buy their tickets to the semifinals. Whether a feat or confirmation, both fans anxiously await the return.


Written by Dinesh V

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