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Cesc Rumours Resurface Again – But Do Arsenal Really Need Him?

On summer of 2011, when Cesc Fabregas left the Emirates, the Arsenal supporters from all around the world were heartbroken and left devastated to witness their much adored player leave them. But, thankfully for at least some, there is a rumour going that two years after his leaving the Gunners, he is all set to return to his former club again.

Cesc to be a Gunner again?

According to the Daily Mail, as a part of the deal that took Fabregas back to Spain, Arsenal secured a £25 million first-option clause that could bring him back to the London club. So, if he wants to leave Barcelona, Arsenal will be the first option for him naturally.

But do the Gunners need him? Or does Fabregas have any reason to leave Barcelona, his home ground from his teenage?

Arsenal is nowhere to snatch the coveted League title nowadays, unlike when he was a part of the team. If anything, they’ve taken a step back with the transfer out of Van Persie last season. So, if Fabregas wants to win trophies, then Arsenal is surely not the right choice for him. Since moving to Barcelona, the 26-year-old has won a league title, the UEFA Super Cup, Copa del Rey and the Club World Cup. That’s a pretty nice haul for a mere two seasons, and much better than he can hope for at Arsenal in a much greater time span.

Besides that, if Thiago Alcantara moves to Munich or Manchester, there will be less competition for him, as Xavi is reaching the late stages of his career. And no way would Camp Nou officials set free both Alcantara and Fabregas on a single transfer window.

So, it will be beneficial for the Spaniard to stay at Barcelona and wait for his turn as regular first team player, rather than opting for a switch to Emirates.

Likewise, it is also not the ideal time for Wenger to sign this central midfield player. The club still needs some help at the back and another centre-forward at the very least in order to compete for the crown.

The Frenchman currently needs to wrap up his primary targets soon, be it either Higuain or Suarez or Rooney. The fans are eagerly waiting to see a magnificent striker waving to them at Emirates at the start of the season.

They have sat back for too long and paid way too much for tickets to see their team continue hording money for no reason whatsoever and thus they cannot be blamed now for making this demand.

So it will be a detriment for both of them and Arsenal should stop thinking about Cesc and look for potential young players, whereas Fabregas should have no apparent reasons to rejoin the side he left two summers ago for the want greater glories.

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