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Should Celtic Make A Quick Move For This Rangers Linked Dutch Playmaker?


The Dutch midfielder and Midtjylland star has expressed his interests for a move to either half of the Old Firm, and the news is perhaps the most exciting as far as the Scottish Premiership transfer goes right now.

The 33-year-old former Real Madrid, Tottenham and Hamburger attacking midfielder waxed lyrical of his love for the Glasgow clubs, stating that he wouldn’t rule out a move to either as he still has enough in his tanks to get going, but should Brendan Rodgers be glad about Van der Vaart’s admission and make a move anytime soon for the veteran whose current contract at Midtjylland expires in the summer of 2018?

As the cliche goes, there are 2 sides to a coin, and that could be the case regarding a move for the Dutch midfielder. For starters, Celtic are more famous for signing youngsters, and there have only been very few exception to the rules.

Often times, these young players aren’t just only able to further establish themselves at Parkhead ahead of a greater career, they are also financially able to help the club out as their stocks rise and market values skyrocket. It’s been the case with the Wanyamas and the Van Dijks, and it’s expected that the Dembeles and Tierneys follow suit soon.

Parkhead isn’t a retirement home except if you are a Kolo Toure who has been acquired on a save-the-defence mission, so getting the almost 34-year-old van der Vaart looks only like a star-signing, and that is where the story ends.

Now or in the distant future, the midfield veteran isn’t able to add anything different to the team that is badly needed. Celtic are by far the greatest team in the league, and that should remain so for some while. As far as midfield goes, Rodgers is well stocked in that department, and would only be looking within the youth ranks to bring the next most sellable talent(s) through to the first team.

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A Rafael van der Vaart isn’t enough to make the club’s management go heads over the heels on a truly marquee signing with neither a sell-on value nor a league-winning impact cum difference. For crying out loud, Celtic have only drawn 1 game in 20 Scottish Premiership games this season, and boast of the best squad hands down.

Going head to head with Rangers over this type of transfer should never happen, but on the other hand and considering a much bigger picture, van der Vaart can, to an extent, be a great signing for the club’s Champions League ambitions.

Celtic European campaigns have largely been underwhelming, but in a player with a large wealth of European and Champions League football experience, a difference could be made in subsequent campaign with him in the squad. While he is truly approaching the twilight of his career, it can’t be denied that his experience on that front can come a lot handy.

However, if that alone would convince the club of risking to sign a player that has shown some level of decline in the past few seasons at Hamburger and Real Betis is yet to be seen.

Reaching out to Celtic is a great attempt by the legend, but this doesn’t look like a love that would be returned anytime soon by the club, as making a move for him doesn’t really seem like the best thing to do at these points in either the player’s or the club’s career.