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CBD and sport: let’s remove prejudices!

The relationship between CBD and sport is increasingly intense, even though many prejudices are so deep-rooted that they still struggle to fall.

Cannabidiol is increasingly used in more areas of professional sports and, the more time passes, the more the audience expands to amateur athletes or simple fitness enthusiasts who benefit from its interesting pharmacological properties.

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CBD is not doping

When it comes to medical cannabis, some still turn up their noses, thinking it is a doping substance, putting prejudice and truth in a single cauldron. However, it should be noted that for the World Anti-Doping Agency, THC is included in the list of prohibited substances since tetrahydrocannabinol could affect the performance of athletes.

Since 2018, in the face of the evidence, CBD has been eliminated from that list, which has opened up its use in the professional and amateur fields.

The beneficial effects of CBD on Athletes

Any physical activity you face is normal to encounter pain and inflammation of various kinds. CBD is an excellent ally for athletes because it has proven pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory activities, making it a valid alternative to classic NSAID drugs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) and opioids.

CBD is also rational for managing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS): it acts on the endocannabinoid system, reducing the sensation of pain post-workout and allowing for faster recovery. Furthermore, this active ingredient of cannabis plays a vital role in improving the effectiveness of rehabilitation, facilitating the physiotherapist’s work in treating musculoskeletal problems.

Not just for the muscles

Athletes can use CBD before, during or after a critical performance that inevitably subjects them to anxiety and stress. CBD could be an effective ally against anxious states and facilitate the process of extinguishing fears.

Furthermore, thanks to its neuroprotective effects, CBD is often used in contact sports (such as boxing, for example), where the risk of developing neurological complications following repeated head injuries is high. A concussion, even a small one, can cause headaches, dizziness, memory impairment and fatigue. In this case, CBD oil compensates for the lack of adequate therapy thanks to its properties that allow for decreasing neuroinflammation and oxidative stress.

The potential of CBD also makes its way into sports and can help athletes cope with pain, injuries, anxiety and stress. However, it is good to emphasize that you should always rely on a professional before taking cannabis, as it is not enough to buy one of the many CBD products on the market (also due to poor regulation and control over those products).

Benefits of CBD for athletes

CBD has been associated with some effects that can be positive for athletes, but they are not direct. Among these, we can highlight:

  • Reduction of anxiety

Sportspeople can control their (over-) activation and thus improve sports performance (Shannon et al., 2019).

  • Improve rest

Improving the quality of rest, decreasing the time needed to fall asleep and sleep interruptions caused by continuous awakenings indirectly improve sports performance thanks to better recovery.

  • Decreased pain perception

Allowing greater tolerance towards the intensity of training or competitions and avoiding the onset of classic disorders associated with the sport (joint pain, connective tissue or tendon pain).

  • Desensitization of peripheral pain

CBD can “sleep” nerve endings: it acts like capsaicin, characterized by the production of considerable peripheral nerve damage that alters pain perception via TPRV1.

  • Mood

CBD can improve mood, recovery and a central and peripheral analgesic effect. However, we need more research on humans before we know the exact direct influence on sports performance.

Understand CDB in numbers

The Key Findings Of The Reports Are:

  • 30% of consumers surveyed predict an increase in CBD consumption, signalling an opportunity for CBD brands to capitalize on a growing market.
  • 49% of consumers surveyed do not have a preferred CBD brand, highlighting an opportunity for brands and retailers to implement loyalty strategies across the CBD market.
  • 62% of medical CBD users use it at least weekly and are more likely to show brand loyalty.
  • 79% of General Wellness consumers source mainly CBD through online retailers.
  • 84% of consumers say CBD was recommended by someone they knew, offering opportunities for brands to leverage word-of-mouth marketing such as social media to attract new customers and build loyalty.

We hope this information will help you better understand how legal CBD – that follows the UK laws – can be an ally for your training and how to use better one of the best natural products widely and legally available in the UK and Europe.

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