Can This Uruguayan Be The Perfect Under Study To Eden Hazard At Chelsea?

If you’re going to win the Premier League title, you’d better make adjustments before it’s too late. Or, even if you’re currently leading the table, you can’t just do the same thing over and over and hope it always works out the same way, as you need to have creativity and the surprise element on your side if you want to succeed.

So, that’s when reinforcements come into place, as every single side needs to make a move or two in order to face this fierce second half of the season, especially if you’re either on the bottom of the pack or at the top of the world, as your season goals tend to approach and go uphill if you fall asleep.

A team which definitely needs to make a move or so into the market if they want to keep running is Antonio Conte’s Chelsea, as the Blues currently sit at the top of the Premier League table until at least January, and their eleven victories in a row would definitely come to an end soon if the Italian boss doesn’t change a couple of things in his great team.

And one of the main concerns for Roman Abramovich and company is Chelsea’s current lack of depth or at least, the lack of player rotation by Conte, as an injury or a suspension could make all this go to waste due to the lack of rhythm.

So, Conte’s looking for players he can trust to continue his successful run during his first year as Chelsea’s manager, and obviously, he’d do so where he feels comfortable, at the Italian Serie A, a tournament he knows best than anybody.

And lately, the Italian boss is reportedly following one of the new Uruguayan gems, Genoa’s Diego Laxalt, a player who has been on the rise since his arrival in Italy a couple of seasons ago and is getting a lot of interest from various teams.

Laxalt is a 23-year-old who started as a midfielder but is now featured more as a left winger or even as a left back, showing great versatility and a lot of feel for the game on both ends of the pitch.

His defensive contributions have made him a key piece for Genoa through all the season, making 18 appearances for the Italian side and even being able to score a goal and two assists so far this season.

Diego has an outstanding passing ability and can create a lot of opportunities for his teammates, and we guess Conte’s interest comes due to his versatility and ability to play various positions on the field.

However, even if he could be a very good fit for Conte’s team, it gets difficult to find him a spot in the starting XI right now, as both Marcos Alonso and Eden Hazard are having amazing years and they’re not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, so signing him now wouldn’t make a lot of sense for the Blues.


Written by Ernesto Cova

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