He Can Be A Franchise Player – 3 Reasons Why Arsenal Should Never Sell Their Showstopper To PSG


Alexis Sanchez’s future in Arsenal is very uncertain, as you can see a big amount of rumours surrounding the Chilean player. Alexis has demonstrated his quality playing in three important European leagues, and even when he has had big numbers with Arsenal, there are too many rumours about the next destination of Sanchez.

Since his arrival at Udinese, Sanchez displayed the best of his game and his potential, then he signed with Barcelona, where he had good performances but at the end, he left the team looking for more prominence, and that’s where he landed in London to play for his current team, Arsenal. It has been years since that, but now, thinking he has done anything he could for Arsenal, Sanchez does not know whether he stays or leaves North London side.

Many people have tried to take advantage of that situation, but so far nothing has changed neither for Alexis nor Arsenal. Alexis was linked with powerful teams like Juventus and even Manchester City in previous months, being one of the most wanted players in the world. However, last days we have heard rumours about PSG planning to take Alexis from Arsenal since Alexis is one of the obsessions of Patrick Kluivert.

PSG already signed the German wonder kid Julian Draxler, and now the Parisian team wants to acquire Sanchez services in order to armour it’s already dangerous and talented midfield. Regardless many people think, this won’t be an easy job, as Arsenal will try to do anything to keep Alexis in its ranks, and if you think they can replace Alexis, you’re right, but Arsenal would definitely be better if the former Colo Colo player is part of the team.

Here are three reasons why the Gunners should never sell Alexis Sanchez.

He still has things to provide:

Yes, Alexis still has things to provide to the Gunners. Maybe Sanchez thinks he gave everything he could to Arsenal, but this is unlikely to be true.  Alexis is entering into his prime and now is when Arsenal needs him the most. It is not a fluke that Sanchez is seeing as an idol at Emirates, and if he can be surrounded by the right players, Alexis can have a successful journey in London.

Written by Ernesto Cova

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