Can Arsenal Challenge For The Premier League Title In The Upcoming Season?

There is a long list of jokes that I often enjoy listening to, but nothing is as funny as the one when a fellow Gooner in full confidence says, “We are going to win the Premier League next season!!”

No, we are not!! Not with this team at least. The singing of Granit Xhaka from Bundesliga outfit Borussia Monchengladbach so early in the transfer season would have surely given some of the fans a huge lift. However, the answer remains the same.

The signing of the Swiss international can be similar to what Arsene Wenger did last season, as he added Petr Cech at the back. This move would mainly solidify the defence a bit more and the midfield to any extent, as the player is mainly a holding midfielder. Despite that, no matter how big the signing actually might be, it is not a Premier League title winning move.

Yes. It can be agreed that this could be the first step for moving in the right direction to get the job done, though this is just the beginning, not the end of it. Login to betting exchange Betfair to bet on Arsenal to win the league if you are confident enough.

“We” are in need of at least 3-4 good signings still. For the fans whose jaws would have dropped down at reading that, I will explain why!!

First of all, a new center-back is needed in the squad, which is no secret to anyone. Gabriel still needs time for improvement and more composure while defending. Koscielny is the stable one and Per Mertesacker knows that his time in north London is quite limited now.

Apart from that, another left-back is needed, with Xhaka’s international teammate Ricardo Rodriguez being linked with a move to the Emirates as well. There is no doubt in Monreal’s ability to perform at the back, yet, there is still need for a better player who has more energy, pace and can contribute at times by scoring more often as well.

Further, we need another winger and a striker. Someone who can play on the right hand side and be more consistent and less injured. Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain are totally unreliable, either due to injuries or poor form.

Some blame for not winning the top flight of English football in recent times has to go to these stars as well, who just take a spot on the sidelines, not contributing much and then wonder why the club did not win the Premier League title once again.

Moreover, apart from players being added, there is a need of change of tactics from Wenger as well. Tactics can make a huge difference to any side’s success, which has already been  proven by managers like Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte and the others. Not, it is the French manager’s turn to give us something special. Hopefully SOON!!

If these certain conditions are satisfied, then Arsenal might have a chance of lifting the trophy in the upcoming season, as other clubs are also busy buying new players and strengthening their squads as well.

Written by Nitish Bhan

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