Breaking! This Manchester United Star Will Leave If Mourinho Arrives

Ryan Giggs is set to leave Manchester United if Jose Mourinho is appointed as the Red Devils manager, once Louis Van Gaal leaves the club.

Reports suggest that the assistant manager to Louis Van Gaal will be making a move out to of the club and heading to a new club as a manager if Jose Mourinho moves into the Old Trafford.

Giggs has worked as assistant coach for Louis Van Gaal and David Moyes and now wants his post in the club to be appreciated.

Reports suggest that Ed Woodward was not willing to guarantee Giggs the post of manager, once Louis Van Gaal eventually leaves the club.

Reports suggest that if Giggs is not given the post of manager next season then he will be following the Dutchman out of the club when LVG leaves the club.

Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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