Breaking: Former Liverpool Star Gets Prison Sentence For Tax Fraud

Barcelona Midfielder Javier Mascherano has accepted a one year in prison sentence and a fine of 815,000 euros for two counts of tax fraud. The player admitted the fraud last year and has so far paid 1.75million euros, the total amount and the interest included for the amount unpaid.

Mascherano’s lawyers however, are trying to get the prison sentence converted in a fine amount. His legal representatives have requested the court to replace the prison sentence with a fine and suspend the previous decision.

While Mascherano through his twitter account and Barcelona’s website stated that he has been ill advised with regards to the matter and is an honest, responsible and respectful sporting personality who has to rely on others to look into his legal and technical matters which are complicated for him.

As such the player and his legal team will be waiting for the decision of the court with regards the appeal for the exchange of prison time into a fine.

Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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