BBC Reports Manchester United Have Reached An Agreement To Complete First Major Signing

It has been months since Jose Mourinho moving to the Old Trafford speculation started and as of now all we did hear were just instances wherein the move to United seemed like a positive, however United never confirmed the same and Mourinho stayed where he was left after leaving Chelsea in December.

BBC reports stating Jose Mourinho has a verbal agreement in place with regards to a move to Manchester United has started circulating. BBC believes that United are ready to sack Louis Van Gaal and bring in Mourinho as a replacement (not surprising). While the time of the release of the news adds up as BBC reported the same after an hour of United’s defeat against West Ham by 3-2.

Although for those of us who have been following the whole Mourinho-move for months, seems like just another day with Mourinho in the news. The news may or may not be true, until United confirm Van Gaal leaving or Mourinho entering, lets just say speculations are still rife.


Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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