Betting: The Mutual Benefit Of A Partnership Between Football Clubs And Betting Organisations 


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Gambling is a major aspect of sports and a dominant topic in the sports world today because of its enormous benefits. Gambling has maintained its traditional practice of physical wagering and extended its tentacles to millions with its online platform. 

In 2021, the world market for gambling was worth around 57 billion dollars (with England, the home of the English Premier League, accumulating about 5 billion) and is said to rise above that in 2022. These statistics show that the market is booming.

In addition, gambling has several branches and areas of interest for gamblers. People gamble on games like blackjack, poker, slot games, etc. Some also wager on various sports like basketball, football, boxing, cricket, etc. However, statistics have shown that soccer takes up to 70% of bets globally. This means that soccer has a more active fan base and bettors than every other sport.

Football is a worldwide sport or event because of its unification factor. It brings people of different origins and descents together to support a team or player. It has also helped in integrating diverse ethnicities, and sociological associations for the fun and entertainment football gives.

Over the years, we’ve seen many football clubs across several leagues and continents partner with companies in aviation, music, clothing lines, online gambling organizations, etc. for various reasons and benefits. Betting firms are no strangers to these forms of partnerships. Football and betting have formed a league because of the mutual benefits both stand to gain. 

Here are a few benefits: 

1. Publicity

One common characteristic of football is having an enormous fan base. Because of this massive following, some online betting organisations have partnered with football teams. So they offer sponsorship to get publicity for their betting platform. 

This explains why gambling organisations have their names and logos printed on some jerseys while others show up in their commercials (over 15 La Liga clubs have commercial partnership agreements with betting firms—that’s more than half of the league teams). 

This form of publicity is potent because of the popularity of football and the millions of viewers.

This advertisement has proved beneficial as many fans have engaged in on games with the advertised betting establishment on their team jerseys or commercials. 

Betting companies get a positive perception when they partner with football. Over the years, gambling has had negative trolls from many people who see its services as illegitimate. With partnerships with football clubs, the narrative has taken a different turn, provoking participation and popularity among fans and sports enthusiasts. 

For example, Bwin became one of the most popular online betting organizations in Spain because of its paid partnership with Real Madrid as one of its highest sponsors between 2007 and 2013. Bwin has also supported German teams like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, etc. It had an astonishing impact and funding of the Portuguese league, too and once financed Manchester United kits in the 2012/13 season.

In England, bet365 supported popular teams in the Premier League, such as Newcastle United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and Leeds United, among others. Big Premier League clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool, among others, also have partnerships with betting organisations. 

This promotion of sports by gambling organizations has led to a progressive increase in bets placed on football.

2. Purchases

Paid partnership with betting organisations provides funds for football clubs to buy players during the transfer windows and ensures the smooth running of clubs’ finances.

All football clubs need money to thrive and win games, cups, and leagues especially compete with bigger teams. This isn’t possible without purchasing elite players who can turn the team’s dreams into trophies. 

The funds provided by these betting sponsorships enable football clubs to buy desired players and pay wages without hassle. It also helps fund new kits for the club games and training sessions. This makes it a win-win for both parties. 

The partnership between clubs and betting organisations is a vital aspect of sports for many fans who intend to earn as they watch their team play. There are several indications of policies across different leagues and countries such as Italy, Spain etc. that seek to eject betting and its advertisements from football. This may be difficult to achieve because of its strong collaboration and promotions with clubs within and beyond football. 

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