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Betting Hits Pro takes aim at online sports betting

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Betting hits pro is tool aimed at increasing the odds of winning a sports bet by providing an unprecedented level of information and analytics to a bettor so they can make a more accurate and informed decision when betting.

We know there are a variety of tools available for a bettor to choose from which is why we have decided to put out the beta version free of charge to everyone with a hope that with your use and continued feedback we can eventually launch a tool that will be the one and only necessary for sports betting on the market.

So what is betting hits Pro?   

Imagine an online tool that provides all the necessary data to help you generate accurate reports and ideas for your sports betting strategy and production. With the free Betting hits Pro tool, one can generate a focused, accurate sports betting strategy for free and take your sports betting to the next level while increasing your odds at winning said bet.

Advantages of betting hits pro

  1. It’s free of charge
  2. It’s easy to deploy for both the novice and professional.
  3. It’s the only tool needed in a bettor’s arsenal.
  4. Real time data and Real time odds adjustment and news
  5. Prediction module by other professionals
  6.  Odds and results for all bets
  7. Custom betting module with top betting companies.
  8. Odds and lines on all major sports.
  9. Clean design. Really quick and simple to use.
  10. Money saver.

Betting hits pro’s necessity

Research is at the backbone of ever successful sports bet. Most if not all pro tipsters have to research and familiarize themselves with the teams they intend to bet on. For the novice bettor who bets just for the fun of it or for the teams they support, they would still need to find out a bit of information about the team and their performances. This is why we have created this tool for both the professional and novice tipster.

Betting hits Free Trial

Anyone can access the beta version of betting hits Pro by sending a request via email to bettinghits@gmail.com