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Bernardo Silva’s Tweet to Mendy to be Probed by FA as City prepare for Saturday Clash

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The Football Association is set to probe a tweet by midfielder Bernardo Silva of Manchester United. It seemed that the message was sent to team-mate Benjamin Mendy. Fans have shown their concern and pointed out that the tweet had racist connotations. This led to the message been deleted.

Look; Silva made a tweet with a photo of Benjamin as a kid. He included a dated image from Conguitos- a Spanish confectionery- that has been rebuked for racism connotations. He then captioned; Guess who? This came less than 24 hours after Silva had managed to score a hat-trick in Manchester’s 8-0 victory over Watford.

A lot of fans do not like it when a player seems to disrespect another star. They know that these players can make them earn from their bets. If something discouraging happens to their favorite, winning chances may diminish, and that is bad news to the punters who in most cases are the fans.

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 However, Mendy did not have any signs of offence. He simply replied with laughing emoji and a very short and clear text that said; “1-0 for you will see” however, other fellow tweeter users were fast to point out the racist implications the tweet contained.

He later on erased the entry before commenting; ‘can’t even joke with a friend these days…you guys…” Reports reveal that the FA has interest in the issue and is set to look into the issue which may see the Portugal international face punishment.

The issue has come a week after the FA, the EFL and the premier league had a meeting with Twitter to have a keen look at the racist abuse. A number of players including Marcus Rashford, Yakou Meite, and Paul Pogba have suffered in the last few months.

In an interview, the star revealed that it is always great to give fans results; that is why they strived hard to score a lot of goals against their rivals. He said that football is not an easy game. He pointed out that he has scored many goals and lost in some games, but he has to keep trying to do the best. So you would expect good performance at the upcoming match next Saturday.

It is most likely that fans will have a lot to relish. If placing bets is your favorite, it is about time you made your picks. It seems City players are set for the battle despite the racist issue affecting one of them. But that does not seem to stop and should not. Just be prepared to place your handy picks. 


Everyone expects that a verdict will be given soon. In the meanwhile, you can focus on the upcoming matches. However, keep following the top stories about all football stars to know what is trending. Do not be left out of the incredible offers on online casinos. They are all created to benefit you.