Battle Of Stats: Sanchez (Arsenal) vs. Hazard (Chelsea)

Two of the best Premier League players have given us a lot of joy this season, Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez have shone brightly for their teams and they look all set to fight it out to win the Premier League Player of the year. Eden Hazard might be a regular in terms of playing some unbelievable football in the Premier League, but Alexis Sanchez has hit the ground running in the Premier League. He has not needed any time to adjust to the Premier League, but he has been Arsenal’s best player if not the best player in the league.

Comparing the two would be tough but we need to know who the better player, stat wise is as well; we look at Squawka stats for the comparison and only look at averages per game on certain attacking stats.

Sanchez vs. Hazard: Two of the best attackers in the world


Sanchez seems to be having a great season at Arsenal, his first in the Premier League and that has resulted in him scoring a lot of goals in the Premier League, he averages roughly a goal every other game while Hazard is just behind with 0.38 goals per game. It is also in the assists column where Sanchez just about shades the stats ahead of the Belgian, the Arsenal forward averages 0.26 assist per game while Hazard averages 0.21 assists per game.

It is the passes stats that Hazard comes into a league of his own, not only does he shade a few stats, he in fact nearly owns all of them when compared with Sanchez. Hazard averages close to 50 successful passes per game while Alexis only averages 30 successful passes per game. The Belgian’s pass completion rate is better than Alexis’; Hazard completes 87% of his passes while Sanchez completes only 76% of his passes.

Even in the key passes and chances created stats, it is Hazard who usurps the Chilean. Hazard averages 2.72 chances created per game while Sanchez only averages 2.37 created chances per game. Hazard also provides more of a threat with his passes as he averages 2.52 key passes per game while Sanchez only averages 2.11 key passes per game. Even in the take-ons it is the speedy Belgian ahead of Alexis, Hazard has a 64% take on success rate while Sanchez only has a 58% take on success rate.

While Sanchez has scored more goals than Hazard, it is Hazard who runs away as the more creative attacker between the two and the stats just prove that he is becoming better each and every season at Chelsea.

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