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Bad News For WOB’s – Arsene Wenger Will Sign A Contract Extension With Arsenal

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Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

In the midst of all the protests from disappointed Arsenal fans, shareholder and one Wenger’s first critic Piers Morgan has claimed that Arsene Wenger will be signing a new three year contract with the Gunners.

Wenger was subjected to fan protests last weekend, with banners being held up at 12th and 78th minutes of the match and during the final whistle. The banners stated the following:

‘Time for change. Arsenal is stale – Fresh approach needed’

While the protest failed badly as it was unorganized and very few put-up their protest placards, rendering the whole thing into a dismal effort by the fans. According to Morgan, Wenger will take this the other way round and believe that fans are no more against him and hence sign a new £25 million deal with Arsenal.

In some ways according to Morgan, Wenger is going to turn this around and still sign the new contract with Arsenal.

Morgan said: ‘Wenger, I know for a fact, has a new three-year contract on his desk. He is, as he normally does, trying to strategically play the fans and the media to a point where he can legitimately sign that new £25 million contract.

‘On Saturday, the fans had a chance to basically make their view known that it is time for change, but it turned into a massive damp squib. Yes, a few thousand did put their placards up, but it wasn’t well organised and it didn’t play out particularly well.

‘What Wenger immediately did was turn this into: “I was so surprised. I’m so delighted 80% of the fans are with me”.

‘I know what this means. It means he is going to sign a new contract, and that means Arsenal will go another three years without winning the league and without winning the Champions League.  If fans continue to chant Wenger’s name, they will get him the three more years.”

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