At 26, Why Moving To Premier League Will actually Be A Big Step Down For This Champions League Winner

A star player who is always linked with a return to the Premier League is Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale. The Welsh forward, who has had a pretty good season this time around with the Spanish side is the player that Manchester United have wanted to sign for a couple of years, but Real Madrid stood firm and aren’t looking to let go of the Welsh Wizard anytime soon.

Bale though might be tempted to move back to the Premier League as it would bring him a lot closer to home and he wouldn’t have to deal with the harshness of being subjected to a lot of criticism that he has faced in the last season, but should he make the move back to England?

Home isn’t all that great

Right off the bat, the club that want to sign him the most is Manchester United. The record English champions had a poor season yet again and they believe that signing Bale will not only ensure they get the right results on the field, but also help them in selling a few more jerseys and get more financial deals into the side.

Bale though, wouldn’t want to move to a club that is trying to rebuild at the moment, at 26 years of age, Bale is not the youngest in the world and that’s why, he would want to be the star in a team, Manchester United are not a team who seem close to being one of the best in the Premier League, let alone be one of the best in the world.

The Welsh star has scored 19 goals in all competitions for the Madrid side this season and he should break his record of 22 goals scored in his first season at the club, if he keeps on going this way. Bale has only played 28 games this season and his goals to games ratio is the best he has had since his move from Tottenham to Real Madrid.

He does seem to be picking up injuries on a regular basis and is again on the injury list for the Madrid side, but that should not worry him. The knee strain should not rule him out of the Euros or from the Champions League final and he would be looking to pick up another Champions League title by beating their great rivals, Atletico Madrid.

There have been reports that Real Madrid want to extend the contract of Bale and would want to keep him for another two years. Reportedly, he would also be paid on the same level as Lionel Messi, certainly something that he would not want to miss out.

Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world and no Premier League side can even match to their ability at the moment. Even if Bale does join the best English side in the world, not Leicester City, even though they are champions of the league, the team would not be good enough to win a lot in the continental competitions.

Bale should stick at Real and win a lot more than think about moving back to the Premier League. It just does not make any sense from a footballing point of view.

Written by Kevin Harrison


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