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AS Roma tweets photo of incredible talent they want in women’s team

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AS Roma

Serie A side AS Roma are known for their great work on social media

AS Roma might not be able to challenge Juventus for the Serie A title, but they certainly know how to star on social media.

The Italian club are known for their incredible activity on Twitter and seem to have unearthed a fantastic female footballer.

AS Roma
AS Roma players celebrate a goal in the Europa League (Image credit: Getty)

Roma do have a women’s team and the English handle shared a video of a girl juggling what seems to be a bunch of leaves.

The female juggles the leaves for more than a minute and seems to have better control than some professional footballers.

The AS Roma handle even posted a cheeky response that the youngster could play for the women’s team in the future.

Some replies on the post suggested that the girl is related to a Ghana star, while others highlighted who deserves the credit for getting the video across.

Roma’s best campaign

Although this find is something brilliant, Roma produced an excellent video a year or so ago regarding their new signings.

Instead of just making a flashy video of the new players, they instead tied up with some NGOs.

The video highlighted the newest additions to the side but also shared pictures of several youngsters who had been missing over the years.

That video was seen by millions and it was another great move from the Italian side on social media.

AS Roma
AS Roma are one of the biggest teams in Serie A (Image credit: Getty)

Things aren’t going all that well when it comes to the Serie A. The Rome side lie fifth in the competition with 29 points from 15 games.

They are nine points behind leaders Inter Milan and need a bit of a miracle to win the Serie A.

Roma did make it through to the knockout stages of the Europa League. That could be a target for them this season but there are some tough teams dropping into the competition.

Milan and Ajax have been relegated to this competition after their elimination from the Champions League.

The other big names in the competition include Manchester United, Arsenal, Porto and Sevilla.