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Arturo Vidal – A Hero Juventus Deserves To Have

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 It’s not simple to describe a player of Arturo Vidal’s status in basic vocabulary.  He possesses a high degree of understanding and intelligence that’s necessary for a player in his position.  He has just about all the necessary qualities that a highly rated coach such as Antonio Conte is delighted to have. He plays like a warrior in the field, he acts like a professional on and off the field, he is confident of his abilities and he is a passionate leader. Therefore, Vidal is a champion that Juventus fans can be proud to idolize.

When Arturo Vidal was signed from Bayer Leverkusen on July 22, 2011, many Juventus fans expressed their content that he could turn out to be a memorable signing. It took him only six minutes on his debut as a substitute to mark his territory in the Juventus midfield with an absolute cracker. Since then he has become a pivotal part of the Juventus’s midfield. He was there for the majority of their recent titles success‘s and he deserves to receive his fair share of compliments, considering that midfield includes the likes of Andrea Pirlo, Paul Pogba and Claudio Marchiso.

Vidal to United?

 “I have never regretted the decision to not join Bayern, because I’m convinced that Juve will soon be able to win the Champions League”

Arturo Vidal is what you call a box-to-box midfielder. He is more than capable of providing assists and scores in moments when you least expect it. He is now, 26, which means that he is at the right age to be nearly at the prime of his career. It’s highly likely that he will continue his excellent form for the next couple of seasons based on the stats and also super-b performances. During his first season at Juventus he scored seven goals in 35 matches, while winning some crucial challenges. Last season he scored an impressive fifteen goals in 45 matches, it seems that as the seasons go by, he only improves his game further. He was rightly named the “Player of the Year” by the registered Juventus fans on Juventus.com.

“I joined a great club, with very strong teammates and an exceptional coach.”

He is one of those rare players that leaves all of his talk off the field and proves his worth on the field. He doesn’t shy away from the challenges presented to him by Mr. Conte. Instead, he gladly accepts it with a certain type of humility and maturity that defines the character of a Juventus player. He earned the nickname El Guerrero (The Warrior), by the Juventus faithful’s. He is a warrior because he is a hard-worker on the field and he will do anything for the black and white jersey, which makes him an exemplary leader. He is an example to his teammates because he doesn’t just like the pressure of playing a box-to-box midfielder, he loves it.

El Guerrero has to certainly be in contention to be one of the most complete midfielders in world football. When you consider his work rate and his physical presence with the applauding vision, and natural touch in front of goal, then you are start to put the pieces to together and see the complete footballer that he is. King Arturo, will soon be in contention for the Ballon D’Or with his stellar performances. If Juventus keep improving and find a way to become a more serious contender in the Champions League than the previous years, then we will spot Vidal’s ability to shine on a larger stage. He will then earn a new found respect am angst football fans.

“Antonio Conte has enhanced my qualities and has got me to see football in a different way, a much more professional way. The coach is obsessed by a culture of work.”

Arturo Vidal is now a fan favorite at the Juventus Stadium. He’s battling attitude and his passion for Juventus has left the fans to believe that he is one of their ideal heroes. He is a team-player by definition and under no circumstance will he intentionally disappoint his team. He has received various offers from other European clubs but he has publicly stated that his will to fight only belongs to Juventus. He states. “I have received offers from other teams, but my family always plays a decisive role in the decisions I make,” Vidal said. “I see that my wife and my son are very happy in Turin. And then the value of Juventus is enormous. I have tattooed three stars and the two Scudetti won with Juventus, because Italy is now in my heart, as is this club.”

In this day and age it’s hard to find a player as loyal as Vidal. It’s going to be difficult to hold on to him in the view of the Juventus board. However, every season his value in terms of monetary and efforts elevate. He continues to impress the Juventus faithful’s and it doesn’t appear as if he is slowing down by any means and he doesn’t give the fans anything but his best, so expect to see the finest of Vidal this season. Vidal is a hero that Juventus fans deserve to have.

Grande Vidal, Forza Juve!