Arteta: I Want To Be A Manager One Day

Arsenal’s deep lying playmaker Arteta revealed his interest in team management and wants to be a manager after his playing career gets over.

Mikel Arteta: I want to be a manager

Arteta in his interview to said,

“Being a manager big thing nowadays because it’s really demanding,”

“You can see the stress and the responsibility managers have. Sometimes people don’t recognize that. To manage a group of players nowadays from 10 or 15 different countries involved with different personalities is a difficult thing to do.”

“I would like to be in management one day. But it’s still too early for decision making.”

He also talked about people management,

“The way you approach someone is very important. If you shout at someone, it depends on their character – you may kill him for the next 45 minutes.

“Sometimes you need to pinch someone because you know he has the character. He can involve the rest if he pushes and raises his level in the game. You have to recognize those characters and I think that’s a very difficult part of football management.”

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