Arteta – Arsenal’s New Defensive Playmaker

Arsene Wenger who converted Henry from a winger to one of the most feared strikers in the world. Now he is weaving his magic with Arteta. Arteta is not an exact replacement for the departed Song but he plays a deep-play maker role this season in Arsenal midfield. So far the transition has gone smooth and the player himself said he is happy to play the given role.

Arteta: I am happy with the new role

In an interview to, Arteta said,

“It is a big transition but it is more a mental thing. The manager is convinced that is the best thing for the team and for me too, so let’s do it,”

“If it works, and in games like that where you probably think you need a more physical presence but you still create and are able to match the physical ability and the way they play, it reinforces your belief. I am totally happy that is a good way to play.”

Arteta also praised the Arsenal away fans for the kind of support they gave at Ethihad on Sunday,

“Fans were fantastic ,”

“They were buzzing and were right behind the team from the start. They still believe in the team and we have to show our best for them.”


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