Is Arsene Wenger’s Staying at Arsenal A good Thing Or Bad?

Arsene Wenger is the epitome of job security; everyone would love to be in his place. He doesn’t need to win titles, doesn’t improve the side enough and his team consistently get found out during the latter stages of the season.

Well, Arsenal are known for their capitulation in the second half of the campaign and this has happened yet again this year. The Gunners were favourites for the title but a poor run of results has seen the side slide down to third, 11 points behind leaders Leicester.

The hopes of winning a third consecutive FA Cup also evaporated into the thin air with a defeat, at home, to Watford. This Arsenal side, like so many others over the years, is not capable of being mentally tough and Arsene has done nothing to address this issue.

The Gunners now seem destined to just about make it into the Champions League next season, as long as they do not drop any lower in terms of form, and next season would be a repeat of the same. This is what the Arsenal fans have become used to but there have been voices of dissent from the fans as they want the club to move to the next level.

Arsene is at home and he isn’t going anywhere

Speaking to be in sports, Arsene Wenger stated that he wants to remain at the club for the foreseeable future.

“I have no doubt because I am committed and when I do something I do it 100%. I am always committed to give my best as long as I am at the club. I don’t worry too much about the rest, what other people say.

“All the rest is judgments, opinions …In my job, you focus on what is important which is to perform. I believe in life it is very important you focus on what you are appointed for and I am appointed to perform and do the best for my club. That’s all I focus on. My future is my future.”

While this might be a good news in terms of keeping the finances stable of the side, credit must be given to Arsene for helping the club move to a new stadium without any real effect on their financial results, this also would mean that Arsenal would pretty much be the same next season.

Arsenal are weak mentally and that will not change until the man at the top changes. Arsene Wenger is a legend at the club, he has transformed them and brought them into the future but that was when he signed for the club nearly 20 years ago.

The current scenario of football is rapidly changing and Arsene Wenger is someone who does get caught out rather regularly by newer managers. Everyone has to adapt but Wenger is stubborn and that has seen him not invest in players that the side actually needs.

They have needed someone who is a strong character and a tough player in midfield and defence and that is something the manager has not recognised and brought in. Credit though must be given as he did sign Petr Cech from Chelsea and really shored up the issue of the goalkeeper by getting one of the best in the world but the inadequacies of the side still are for all to see.

It is a regular feature of Arsenal to implode every season and with Wenger staying for a few more years, this issue will stay with the Gunners. The last time Arsenal won the Premier League was in 2004 and that is way too long for a side from the capital.

Wenger should actually move to the board and oversee transfers and control some of the finances. He knows the club inside out and this would be the perfect way to move him away from the manager’s role with some dignity, however, we don’t actually see that happening any time soon.

Arsenal is Arsene Wenger and he will leave when he wants to, whether fans like it or not and this means more mediocrity next season as well.

Written by Kevin Harrison

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