Arsene Wenger thinks Declan Rice’s signing is good for Arsenal

Considering that the transfer window in the English Premier League is on, it is no surprise we had the chance to see a lot of interesting moves. One of them is from Arsenal, the team that finished second last season and barely missed out on the EPL trophy.

Speaking of missing out, the odds for Arsenal were pretty good, so Canadians who use the can also take a look at some of the premier sports betting operators because the latter may have a lot of options for this team. Those who do not like betting will also have fun watching Arsenal’s squad this year because the team has signed up Declan Rice.


The transfer of Declan Rice took place a few days ago, and West Ham and Arsenal confirmed it. Following the negotiations, The Gunners have spent around 105M GBP for the player, making him one of the most expensive signings in Arsenal’s history. Although some people were skeptical about it, Wenger, Arsenal’s legendary coach, has recently said that this signing was good and it will definitely increase the team’s chances of winning the most prestigious football league.

Rice was linked to many big clubs before the transfer market. That said, now that he is part of Arsenal, he is officially one of the most expensive English players in the world. Rice impressed football fans worldwide with its incredible results, so it was no surprise that many of the top-tier football clubs wanted to sign him up.

Speaking of the best, aside from Arsenal, Manchester City were also interested in the talented star. The same applies to Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, all of which needed to make drastic changes if they wanted to have a chance to win the EPL. In the end, Rice decided to move to Arsenal, where he will join Jurrien Timber and Kai Havertz.

The transfer chances

In a recent interview, Wenger said that Arsenal have made interesting transfers of young players who know what they are doing. However, they will be under pressure, so it will be interesting to watch their performance and see if they will live up to the expectations.

As for Arsenal’s potential title chances, Wenger said that he believes the club will win the competition. Of course, we are yet to see if this will happen because Manchester City has been on another level.